The Fan Club

How the Death Eaters began


1. Voldemort

(This entire book will not be separated into chapters so it will be one long chapter, ENJOY!) It was a beautiful day and Tom Marvolo Riddle has just killed his muggle father, “Well I just killed my useless father that shamed me… what to do now.” He spent many years thinking about things and wondering what he should do with his life. After those many years he had become the most evil person following the Slytherins guide to be evil. He read it over and over again wanting to learn and know more about evilism. He had his answer, the new evils bible had come out! He quickly apparated to the secret book store and bought the best looking copy of it (with money he, of course, stole.) “Finally I have found my inspiration!” Just then he noticed a giant group of people at a table that were talking and reading. “What nerds he said to himself.” That’s what he thought until he heard his name in the conversation. He quickly ran over and just stood there watching them babble on about him. Then suddenly someone shouted, “OMG! That’s like Tom Marvolo Riddle!! We are such huge fans!” Then she let out a very loud fan girl scream. He was very surprised at how they were talking about him, most people hated him with a passion. He looked at each person as they introduced themselves, Luscious Malfoy, Narsissa, Bella Lestrange, and some other people. He talked to them for a little while and enjoyed it a lot. They all had the same interests and they all have already practiced all of the unforgivable curses! Then one subject he never thought about came up. “Hey, You now what? I don’t think you should keep the name your filthy muggle father gave you, you should totally change it to something cool my Dark Lord.” “Yes! Yes, you’re so right from now on I will be Voldemort, the Dark Lord! And ever since then the fan club began, at first it was just a fun thing to gather around in the secret bookstore and talk about Voldemort. Then it became more serious and the members became the Death Eaters. Voldemort made a design for their symbol and put it on their arms so if they need him they just need to summon him by touching it. It was still fun but it was more mature and they went on fun adventures and they became worldly known as the bad group, never to be messed with. He did some major killings and they did some more killings and made a few people insane. Then one day he was walking around in his evil layer when some Death Eaters rushed in. “HEY! WE FOUND OUT THE HIDING PLACE OF THE POTTERS!” They yelled. “OMG, you guys are the best! Where! I want to end them right now! “Just follow us and you’ll see this dump cottage.” “Yay!” So they walked into a dark forest and after a long walk they found it. And that’s when Voldemort made a huge mistake. “You guys should go.” He whispered. “I want to be alone with this victory.” “Okay Dark Lord. If you want.” They said rather sadly. He walked in and looked around he saw a flash of the back of a person running away. He looked in front of him. “Oh how so brave of you to stay and fight Mr. Potter, trying to save your family? Well they won’t be very safe now that I’m here.” With a flash of green light Mr. Potter was dead. He moved to the next room and saw Mrs. Potter. “Why don’t you move aside.” He said to Mrs. Potter. “If you give me that baby I won’t hurt you. Just move you silly little girl. “NO!” “Fine, you asked for it.” With another flash of green light she was dead. “Now Potter you little baby It’s time for you to die. AVADA KEDAVRA!” Suddenly the flash of green light hit Voldemort. “Hey you're going the wrong way! EEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” He was dead and the fan club disappeared… BUT NOT FOREVER…

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