Missing In Action

Samantha Charlie is going through a tough time. She goes and visits her brother, Steve. She hasn't seen him for three years. But when she gets to his Army base in Gorgia, she sees more of his best friend than Steve himself. When she comes back to The Dalles,Oregon, her ex-BFFs make her true friend turn on Samantha. Her crush finally starts to see her. Of corse, it's when she is going through an emotional breakdown. Then, something happens to her dad, and her brother goes missing...


1. Airports


"Mom," I whine. "I am going to be fine. I am thirteen after all. I can go on a plane by myself."                                                                                                She glances over at me. "You have your passports?"                                  "Yep," I say.                                                                                                          "Money?"                                                                                                              "All two hundred of it."                                                                                      "The clothes you need? Enough underwear and socks?"                            "I'm not three anymore, Mom. I have everything that I need. I've been checking every day for the last month. If I don't have something, I'll buy it. Okay, Mom?"                                                                                                "Fine."                                                                                                                    Mom pulls in an open spot in the Portland, Oregon airport parking garage. I open the door and step out of the stuffy van.                                        "Here," my mother says, handing me my bright orange backpack. "I'll open the back for your suitcases."                                                                    "Thanks," I say.                                                                                                    She gets out my two suitcases and gives them to me. "Do you want me to go in with you, honey?"                                                                          I sigh. "No, Mom. I'm fine. I've flown to New York and back."                    "With Beth!"                                                                                                          "Witch is like being by myself. Beth is annoying so I blocked her out for the trip. Okay, bye, Mom."                                                                              "Bye, Samantha."                                                                                                "It's just Sammy."                                                                                                "I love you."                                                                                                          "You, too, Mom."                                                                                                  I walk to the entrance of the airport. I don't see much people my age. Either way too old or way too young.                                                             Its because, I remind myself, I just got of school. It's the end  of the week. I am going to see my brother. There is nothing wrong with that.                  I get to the main desk and hand my passport to the reseptionist. She points me to my plane.                                                                                     I go through metal detector and so forth. In about a hour, I am finally in the seat of my plane.                                                                                 I have a window seat, so I stare out it. I hear someone sit next to me.                                                                                                                                 "Sammy?" a voice asks.                            


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