My brothers best friends

This is a one direction fan fiction about a girl named Darcy chances are if your a directioner you have read one like this
Niall fan fic


2. the day he came

I was up in my room when my bed room door opened Harry walked in grinning from ear to ear ever heard of knocking I said sorry I just wanted to surprise you and me and the lads will be staying here for a few days he said no longer smiling

Later at diner.________________________________

I'm so excited you guys are staying said my mom I couldn't help but notice they were all looking at me as if she asked a question I should answer after that diner was dead silent almost too silent Harry's friends looked at me as if I were a new species never seen before I decided to brake the quite ness by saying Harry you never introduced me to your friends Oh right this is Louis this is Liam that's Niall and that's Zayn he said

After diner_________________________________

I went to my room escaping all the awkwardness my mum almost seemed embarrassed by me all his friends were cute but I wouldn't want to socialize with friends of his because me and Harry haven't seen each other in years we have both changed so much since the last time

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