My brothers best friends

This is a one direction fan fiction about a girl named Darcy chances are if your a directioner you have read one like this
Niall fan fic


3. The day after

I woke up to the sound no one wants to hear an alarm clock I turned off my alarm clock and did my morning routine then I noticed the aroma of pancakes in the air I went downstairs to see the last person I wanted to see Harry he was putting pancakes on some plates I made you breakfast he said thanks I said halfheartedly I ate in silince I had totally forgot that harry was here after I ate I walked to school not saying a word to Harry I know he are me breakfast and all but I wasn't in l the mood to be socializing with human beings at all this was by far one of the worst Monday's ever Could this day get any worse I said quietly to my self right after I said that it started to rain not drizzle but rain and it started to rain hard

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