My brothers best friends

This is a one direction fan fiction about a girl named Darcy chances are if your a directioner you have read one like this
Niall fan fic


6. The day after part 4

I heard a knock on my door come in I said whipping my tears I was surprised to see one of  Harry's friends come in Niall I think his name was Harry wants you to meet some of our friends he said ok your name is Niall right I said yeah he said smiling and blushing a little as he stood there smiling at me like an idiot you can leave you know I said smiling a little Ohhhhh he said like he didn't know that before I told him oh he said agin then blushed realizing what he did went down the stairs with him to see four boys and a girl who is Gorgeous Niall introduced them immediately This is Luke that's Ashton that's Michael thats Calum and that's Calums girlfriend Mikayla hi I said Hi they all said back except for Makayla she must be shy I wanted to know more about her so I walked up to her Hi I said hey she said Hi I said agin not knowing what else to say are you okay the oly thing you have said was hi she said hey? I suggested she laughed my name is Darcy I said my name is Makayla she said so I've heard I joked i knew instantly that I liked her and she would be my besties we ordered a pizza and time flew by when I was talking to my bestie next think u know it was around midnight so they decided to go home by bestie I said I'll miss you why don't we exchange phone numbers I said yeah she said so we exchanged phone numbers and they left i went up to my room and went to sleep not wanting to talk or even look at Harry.


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