My brothers best friends

This is a one direction fan fiction about a girl named Darcy chances are if your a directioner you have read one like this
Niall fan fic


5. The day after part 3

We decided to dich school and go to the mall I saw this really cute guy who asked for my number so yeah

After the mall_______________________________

Shannon's phone rang then she said she needed to take care of family business so as much as I dreaded it I went home I walked in my house as quietly as possible but the door shut kind of loudly next thing u know Harry walked over WHY ARE'NT YOU AT SCHOOL! Harry demanded because I didn't feel like staying I said calmly If you ever want to get into a good college I suggest you attend your classes he said sternly YOU DIDNT GO TO COLLEGE I shouted ran up the stairs into my room I slammed my door loudly and laid on my bed staring at the ceiling as much as I didn't want to I cried I couldn't stop the tears from forming I couldn't stop them etheir so I ley them fall down my face it was the first time I cried years I could practically feel the walls I built tumbling down fast

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