Your Hunger Games

You get to be in The Hunger Games. Read as your story unravels!


2. the choosing

Ella sat restless as she waited for lunch. Today the queen would draw names for 'the hunger games". "Mom what happens if i'm chosen?" "You compete in the hunger games." I could tell mom was worried about me. If I was chosen mom would lose me too. Dad died from the hunger games three years ago. now me and mom despised the hunger games. "I'll be fine mom, now let's go we are going to be late." When Ella and her mom got to where all the districts connect, we made our way to the front. "Welcome" the queen began " to this years annual hunger games calling. Remember to volunteer you must be the same district and gender. Okay let's begin." When the queen finished, 20 bowls were brought up to the stage. She called districts 1-5, with a couple of volunteering in between, when she came to district 6 everyone in Ella's district held their breath. "Johnathan Turner." The queen called. Oh no! Ella thought. Not Johnathan. Johnathan was Ella's best friend. No one else liked him though. Then came the moment she was dreading. "Ella Moors" the queen called out happily.  Ella slowly walked up to the stage. The queen continued on. But when she got to district 12 things got very troubling. "Alabaster Wyatt and Katie Wyatt." A young boy with brown hair and freckles stepped forward. But everyone looked at Katie. She was in a wheelchair. Suddenly a voice called out "I volunteer as tribute." It was a girl about 12 who spoke. "Name and district?" The queen asked the girl. "Eva Nighlock, district 12." "Very well." The queen said. And the calling continued.























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