How I Met Marzia (a pewdiepie fanfic)

Oh it's just another fan girl Felix thought. But as days went by and conversations were had, was Felix actually falling for this odd girl?

DISCLAIMER- I am still working on this and hope you read and enjoy. Please don't leave hate, it really hurts to see that.


2. The Skype Call

 "Hi Marzia" Felix said. "Hi" said Marzia who was really a beautiful girl.  "Sorry it's so late, I just saw your message" he said, trying to make conversation seeing that she was kinda shy. "No it's fine" she said. "You must be pretty busy making videos and stuff." Felix thought she was actually realy nice and didn't seem like an ordinary fangirl. But she had an amazing accent. "Where are you from?" He decided to ask her. That wasn't a weird question right? "Italy" she finally said interrupting Felix's thoughts. He felt kind of akward and had a weird feeing in his stomach. What was it? He wanted to know more about her so he decided to just ask. What could go wrong? And so the two talked and talked all night long.

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