How I Met Marzia (a pewdiepie fanfic)

Oh it's just another fan girl Felix thought. But as days went by and conversations were had, was Felix actually falling for this odd girl?

DISCLAIMER- I am still working on this and hope you read and enjoy. Please don't leave hate, it really hurts to see that.


5. Meeting Marzia

 Once in Italy, Felix was in awe. He thought it was beautiful. It was difficult though , because he knew no Italian. But he finally got to Marzia's house only to find that..... she lived with family. So when Felix knocked on the door, he was embarrassed to see her dad answer the door. But lucky for Felix her family knew a little English. Felix was able to explain that he had met Marzia online and was there to meet her. Marzia's parents were a bit skeptical, but finally let him in. Once inside, Felix found Marzia lounging in the living room. Her parents had gone to the backyard so they were kinda alone. He stood in the doorway and said "Hi Marzia". She whipped around to see him and she was even more beautiful in real life. He didn't feel akward and he guessed that she didn't either, seeing that she ran right up to hug him. "Hi Felix!" she exclaimed. "Why are you here?"she seemed really suprised and Felix explained that he wanted to meet her. After that they talked for hours until it got late. "I better be going now" Felix said even though there was no where for him to go. "Oh right! You have a place here?" She seemed worried and Felix didn't want to lie so he told her how there really was no where gor him to go. "Then stay here! I'm sure my parents won't mind." Felix ended up staying the night and knew that he really was in love.

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