How I Met Marzia (a pewdiepie fanfic)

Oh it's just another fan girl Felix thought. But as days went by and conversations were had, was Felix actually falling for this odd girl?

DISCLAIMER- I am still working on this and hope you read and enjoy. Please don't leave hate, it really hurts to see that.


3. Love?

 "She's amazing" Felix told Sean (Jacksepticeye) over skype the next day. "We have so much in common too." Felix said. "Dude you sound like you're in love." Sean admitted. "It's kinda creepy." Felix didn't know what to say. He did feel something for Marzia but, was it love? "Dude? Hey Felix? Ummm I'm still here!" Felix had almost forgotten that he had been skyping with Sean and was pulled from his thoughts. "Oh yeah! Sorry Sean! I um will talk to you later!" Sean replied "K bye Felix" and he hung up.

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