How I Met Marzia (a pewdiepie fanfic)

Oh it's just another fan girl Felix thought. But as days went by and conversations were had, was Felix actually falling for this odd girl?

DISCLAIMER- I am still working on this and hope you read and enjoy. Please don't leave hate, it really hurts to see that.


1. Another Fangirl?

 "Hi pewdie" was the simple message Felix got when he checked his youtube messages. It was sent from a girl named Marzia. Felix decided to be nice and send her a reply. "Hi" he wrote. Then he went off to make videos.

 After a long day of video making, Felix decided to check his youtube messages again. Not much to his suprise, Marzia had written back. She seemed to want to tell him about herself. She wrote that she liked horror movies, animals, and thought that Felix was kinda cute. She also included her skype, just incase he wanted to talk. He knew he shouldn't, but Felix decided to skype her. He didn't know what it was but she was.....different.

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