Blank Space

"You really want to do this Alivia?" "I do Harry." "Okay then, give me a good reason." " I love you, that's why." "y-you do?" " I do, and I believe if you love someone, you shouldn't let them slip through your fingers like sand. You shouldn't let each other grow up and a part. All we have is space between us. I'm ready to live in the moment Harry." "Alright, let's get wild."
And that's when I obliterated everything in my path.


2. Alivia's p.o.v.


  The Next Day

  I got out of bed, and trudged into the kitchen, Harry will be up soon, so I made him breakfast.

He woke up and came to the table.

"Harry, please. I'm begging you."

"Al, what are you talking about?" He looked at me like I was insane.

"Stay home. We need to talk."

"Alivia, hun, we have nothing to talk about. Now let me eat."

"No. I always make you food, I make sure the house is clean, I pay the bills, I work. And all you do is go out with your friends."


"Harry we haven't been in this relationship. And you know it. I want us to go back to the way we used to be."

"I don't know what you're talking about. We're the same as always."

"You're being ridiculous. Look Harry. I know that you miss the band. You guys broke up 2 years ago. I'm your first girlfriend. And I know you've been hurting. And I know you miss Louis-"

"Don't you dare say his name. His name is to never be said in this house okay? I ended things with him, which broke up the band. Yes I get it, it's all my fault and I shouldn't of done it. Leave me alone."


"Don't sympathize for me."

"Harry gosh dang it let me finish! I'm not sympathizing for you. I get it. You and Louis broke up and the band ended. You were fine for almost two years, and then you you spiraled out of control. Get it together, or get out."

He looked at me with the most angry face I've ever seen him make. And he jumped out of his chair, throwing his plate on the ground. The flood splattering everywhere and the plate shattering. For a moment I was scared, I thought he was going to hurt me. But then he stormed into our room. As I knelt down to start cleaning everything up. I was upset, more upset than ever, I tried to not cry, but I couldn't stop it. It's not like Harry cares anyways, The tears kept streaming as I got to the point where I couldn't handle cleaning up. So I laid on the couch for a moment, and accidentally drifted to sleep.

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