Blank Space

"You really want to do this Alivia?" "I do Harry." "Okay then, give me a good reason." " I love you, that's why." "y-you do?" " I do, and I believe if you love someone, you shouldn't let them slip through your fingers like sand. You shouldn't let each other grow up and a part. All we have is space between us. I'm ready to live in the moment Harry." "Alright, let's get wild."
And that's when I obliterated everything in my path.


1. Alivia's p.o.v.


 There I stood, waiting for Harry to make a move. He hasn't been into this relationship lately, and frankly neither have I. He's been all into his friends since him and his band broke up. He's never around anymore. You know how long it's been since we actually hung out, or even talked like a real couple should? 3 months. I've been a shout into the void, a fly on the wall, a star in space. I mean nothing to him, I basically am a house maid, he hasn't kissed me, hugged me, nothing. And when we sleep, we sleep on the edges of the bed, blank space between us. I was tired of it. I wanted the old Harry back. I didn't like this new Harry, he's not like this. He's caring, loving, out of this world. But now, he's just a has been, a never was. He's a slob. It's time for a change.

 I made him lunch before he left and sat down with him for once.

"Harry?" I said while he had his head down, shoveling food in his mouth. He looked up briefly, then back down.


"Can you stay home today? Please?" I asked trying to grab his hand.

"What? Are you crazy? There is a game on! I've got to go!" He finished his lunch, and stood up. So I grabbed his hand.

"Harry. When was the last time we went out on like a date?"

"I don't know, a week ago?"

"3 months." I felt pathetic explaining this to him.

"Well Al, time flies when you're having fun. Gotta go!" and he was gone. I hated myself every moment after, I could of been way more persuasive. But he just wont listen! I just want our old relationship back. I get it, he misses the band and he misses Louis, but he's had me for 2 years, I'd think our relationship would only get stronger. Time to step it up.

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