I Think I Have a Crush?

Doesn't need one just read ��


1. Chapter 1

Lindsay's POV

Today me and Kat are going to check for new clubs to join. Nobody actually knows us. Everybody knows my brother, Michael Clifford . I'm Lindsay Clifford and everybody thinks it's fake. So as I was saying me and Kat need something to do after school. Kat thinks we have no social life. Today me Kat are going to my brothers band rehearsal. I hope if won't be lame because this is the first time I'm going to one.

Kats POV

Lindsay and I are so excited that Michael will let us met the band. What if they are hot? I really hope Linds won't embarrass me.

Lindsay's POV

The club me and Kat signed up for was the glee club. The worst part is we don't know how to sing or dance. I don't know if I should sign up for 2 clubs. Maybe not . Omg William Oliver Whaches or as he likes W.O.W just passed by. He's the hottest of the hawt. I wonder if he is going to ask me out.

He's coming this way.

He's 2ft away!

"Hey Lindsay right?"

"Yah L-Lindsay ", I muttered.

"Yeah your kinda blocking my locker. Can you like move".

"Ughhhh yah yah I'm sorry let me just get out of your way"


"Again sorry WOW"

Smooth Lindsay smooth!😒

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