How to melt a fozen heart

Find out how bad boy luke hemmings finds true love yet when he least expects it especially since he doesn't believe in true love


1. The day before freshman year

     Summer : you  

Luke hemming :bad boy (boyfriend later on)

Ashton,micheal,&calum : best friends of luke

alex (girl) : your best friend


   So today was the day before the first day of school as a freshman. I was worried that I wouldn't survive in this society I'm not the type of girl that's really gurly previously my older cousin told me I wasn't gonna fit in because I like bands like nirivana,all time low bring me the horizon and stuff like that. I'm the type of girl that thinks she's punk rock.

I was so worried I thought about skipping school so I did what a normal teenage girl would do ...... Called my best friend Alex. Shes in the same grade as me i met her when i was in 1st grade she the same type of girl that i am .

1 ring 2 rings and then she picked up the phone. "Hey, are you excited about school tomorrow ." See that's what I wanted to talk about ..." W-what's wrong she studdered . Do you think we'll fit in I'm afraid people will make fun of us and ya know bully us just cause were different . "Nahhh I don't think so imagine there thousands of people just like us and there bound to be at our school ... Well some ..... I hope ."

Well to take our minds off of it how about let's go out for pizza okay. "Okay sounds good " Alex only lived right across from me so when ever we go out for pizza we go walking or on our bikes.

Pizza Hut wasn't that far away from our houses. So I got ready and went to her house. The only person she lives with is her mum. So usually I just walk right in so does Alex she walks into my house like nothing , I live with my mum too. I sat down on the couch waiting for Alex .

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