How to melt a fozen heart

Find out how bad boy luke hemmings finds true love yet when he least expects it especially since he doesn't believe in true love


2. Pizza Hut

Hey guys I hope u like it so far this is my first time writing a book ill try to update every night or so 


 I'm waiting for Alex and shes finally ready she had a "of mice and men " t-shirt with black ripped skinny jeans an some black vans.

Are you ready I said to Alex. " yep" she said popping the p we went walking to Pizza Hut and we finally arrived we ordered a pepperoni pizza and ordered it to go and walked back to my house and went upstairs into my bedroom .

We started to talk about high school and helped each other pick out our clothes for tomarrow.

I was excited but nervous , Alex and I only had half of our class together we talked for hours until she had to go home, it was 9:00.

"Hey my mum said she'd dropped us off in the moring and pick us up in the after noon come to my house at 7:00 remember school starts at 7:30 bye "

bye I said back then I changed into my pj pants they were penguin themed and then I put on a black tank top on and went in my bed and slowly dirifted off to sleep.

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