How to melt a fozen heart

Find out how bad boy luke hemmings finds true love yet when he least expects it especially since he doesn't believe in true love


5. First day of school (moring pt.3) last part

Hey guys last night I decide to update twice so yea hope u enjoy this chaper this is the finial one (part..)


*Skips to the last class of the day*

my last class was English. I had that class with micheal and calum. 

"Hey so do ya wanna hang out after school with me ,calum,luke,and Ashton. Btw you can bring your friend too." Micheal said we talked during the whole class and the teacher really could care less.

the final bell rang and I went over to my locker. Micheal came up and said "well" well what I said to him. "Are you coming or not" mmmm okay I said first let me consult Alex. "Okay" he said 

i went over to Alex's locker and told her about the plan she said "yes sure sound good " then I walked over to micheal and said yeah we can make it .



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