How to melt a fozen heart

Find out how bad boy luke hemmings finds true love yet when he least expects it especially since he doesn't believe in true love


4. First day of school (moring part 2)

Hey guys just wanted to say tell me wat things I should add in the story


  Both Alex and I got out our schedules an went to see where our lockers were. 

Luckily our lockers weren't as far away from each others only a couple of lockers down ( really only 3 ).

I put in my combination and opened my locker up then I stopped as I heard a voice say " Hey I'm luke hemmings and I guess I'll be your locker buddy" he said with a little smile.

I gotta admitte he made a good first impression and he also looked hot wait what am I saying I've only known him for a couple of minutes and I'm already crushing on him ,really. I said to myself in my mind.Then luke left.

I saw the other 3 lockers were taken by three other boys (the locker in between Alex and I ) they introduce themselves to Alex and I.

"Hey I micheal....micheal clilifford" said the one with red hair. " hi I'm calum hood by the way I'm not Asian "said the boy with blond highlights in his hair he did look Asian. I giggled and he giggled with me . "Hey don't forget about me"winned the one light brown curly hair."I'm Ashton".

well nice to meet you guys Alex and I said laughing. Bye

Alex and I  had the first class together so we went to our home room. Luke and Ashton were also in our home room , I was warned by a tall blond girl as I was heading to my to my seat.

" Hey I'm Skylar, btw I saw you talking to Luke and I need to warn you, he's a bad boy I've known him for 2 years now I would stay away if I were you"

okay thanks I said her. How could a guy that looks so sweet be a bad boy then I turned around to look at him.

i noticed he had a lip piercing oh fuck he looked so hot I stopped staring at him and I blush cause of Alex telling me to pay attention, luke never notice so I was lucky.


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