How to melt a fozen heart

Find out how bad boy luke hemmings finds true love yet when he least expects it especially since he doesn't believe in true love


3. First day of school (moring part 1)

I was awaken by the sound of my alarm "shit I don't wanna go to school " I hurried up and got dressed.

 I put on the clothes that Alex helped me pick out the night before. It was a white nirivana shirt the background was floral and with a floral skirt that went down to my knees , some long white socks that were knee length and my black vans.

 I curled my hair next and made it look like soft waves, I dyed my hair ombré my natural hair colour was dark brown and the ombré part was blond. I put my hair in a high pony tail and pit a pink bow.Next I did my makeup.

 I did the eye shadow a rosy pink and next put on some liquid eyeliner and finally put on mascara.

I went down stairs and got my things ready and ate breakfast as soon as I finished I brushed my teeth, I gave my mum a good bye kiss." Have a wonderful day at school don't get into any Trouble " she shouted as I exited to the door. As I walked out I got my longboard and rode to Alex's house it was 7:10 ,meanwhile Alex was waiting for me. "What took so long Summer" Oh I'm sorry I woke up grouchy." Well lets go girls off to school" said Alex's mother. 

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