fallen || l.h. fanfiction

"It's against my will, Eli. And I'll be back soon." He reassured. I didn't believe him, so I just had to make sure.



4 years ago.
That was 4 full years ago.
And I was stupid.
So stupid.


3. two || elizabeth

"Hey," he muttered

I ignored him.

"You're kind of really hot."

"Thanks. Now shut up." I snarled.

"Fine jeez."

Miss' whipped around.

"Elizabeth. Shut your mouth young lady. I am teaching. And Lucas, quiet down a little." She sent him a little wink which made me gag a little.

"It's actually luke." He stated.

She sent him a disgusting smile meant to be seductive, and I gagged again.

"I'm sorry can we continue with the lesson? I am about to throw up on your precious marble floors if you don't stop this right now." I remarked and she sent me a deadly glare. Giggles erupted from different parts of the room. If looks could kill, I would be six feet under right now.

She made her way over to me, but as she gathered herself to speak, the school bell rung. Thank god.

I gathered my stuff and left, giving her a fake smile on the way out.

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