fallen || l.h. fanfiction

"It's against my will, Eli. And I'll be back soon." He reassured. I didn't believe him, so I just had to make sure.



4 years ago.
That was 4 full years ago.
And I was stupid.
So stupid.


2. one || elizabeth

I sat near the fireplace with my head in my hands.

Stupid. I was so stupid. I believed that he was going to come back.

It had been 4 full years since he had gone. Sure I'd had some laughs, but I missed him. I loved him.

I choked out a few sobs, then stood up, wiping at the tears with my hands. He was gone. I made my way to the couch, pulling my blanket on top of me and slowly drifted off.

My parents worked mostly, but always came back by midnight each night. My brother was at a sleepover, which took a lot of convincing since tomorrow was a school day. And me, well, left to sober up.

I woke up to the sound of marimba blasting through my phone.

I groaned as I rolled out of bed and made my way downstairs. My mother smiled at me when I reached the kitchen as I yawned.

"Where's dad?" I questioned curiously. Even if I feel horrible, I wasn't going to bring it on my family.

"He has a day off today. He's not feeling too well." She replied in a soft voice, flipping the omelet she was making to the other side.

I was in some old baggy sweatpants and a worn out hunter green shirt. Typical. I pulled at my clothes as my mother placed the omelet on the table. I finished it in a few bites and climbed the 13 stairs up to the 2nd floor.

I pulled on a nicer pair of sweatpants, black, and a shirt that I think is a band tee. I didn't even glance at my appearance. I brushed my black hair out, not for looks, but to play with a silky head of hair in class more than a rougher one. I skipped makeup, I don't believe in cosmetics, and skipped into my bathroom. I turned on a playlist and washed my face, brushed my teeth, hygiene hygiene hygiene. I rushed to grab my things and leave my house.

(A/N I'm in a rush, I'm skipping the car ride.)

I sat in calculus at the only desk in the class that still had one seat open, tapping my foot on the marble floor impatiently. I was waiting for my calculus teacher, who left a few minutes ago to quote by quote 'attend to some matters' wich is probably trying to attract some middle aged men.

I heard the click of heels and looked up, seeing 'miss' as she told us to call her in her plea to feel young.

"Hello students!" She croaked in her horrid voice. And yes, I do so very despise her. "We have a new—and very attractive— student!" She beckoned for someone to enter. Someone walked in, and I saw I face I could never forget.

"Luke." I breathed out quietly. He had purple and blue hair, along with piercing decorating his pale skin. His eyes met mine and I just couldn't take it anymore. I covered my mouth and rushed to the bathroom, muttering, "I'm not feeling well," before rushing out the door.

I closed the stall door behind me and sat on the toilet seat as tears escaped my eye. He never spoke to me after he left. He promised he would contact me every day. He promised he would be back soon. If 4 years was soon. It hurt me so much to see him.

I walked back into my classroom with puffy eyes but no one remarked a rude comment. They were all focused on luke. Who was now sitting at my desk.

I hate life.

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