Just friends huh??? |Michael clifford|

Best friends AshtYnn and Michael are doing things behind AshtYnn's Boyfriend calms' back. But they claim there just friends.


1. Chapter 1

Hi I'm Ashtynn.

AshtYnn Daniel Hemmings.

I'm Luke Hemmings twin sister.

I have long brown hair with blue eyes and a septum piercing.

But i wear brown contacts in my eyes.

Me and Luke live on our own with our best friends.

Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Calums adopted brother Shawn.

I don't have very many friends that are girls.

Well now that i think about it non of my friends are girls.

Girls = Drama.

I hate drama.

Well other than the fact that I live with my Boyfriend and the guy that took my virginty at 16 Lives in the same room as me.

Yup i share a room with Michael Clifford.

And my Boyfriend for 2 years is Calum Thomas Hood.

All the guys hook up with girls.

Well exept Calum and Ashton.

Ashton is like 20 and has never had a girl friend.

I still think thats sad.

But whatever.

My main focus is helping Michael hook up with as many girls as possible.

Im really good at giving tips.

Only because of Calum.

God Calum is good in bed.

But back to the point.

I live with 5 guys in Sydney Australia.

I am the only one in school still.

They all dropped out of high school the first year.

But they all have jobs except Michael and I.

Me and him go to the mall to trick girls into thinking me and him are dating.

Then me goes up to them and asks them on a date while I'm getting something to eat.

They get really confused.

Then he hooks up with them.

Then never talks to them again.

Thats actually how me and Michael became friends.

He banged me then he found out that I'm his best friends sister.

Then we became friends.

I know its demented just go with it. 

But Luke still thinks Calum took my virginity when we started dating.

But after me and Calum started dating i suggested they start a band. 

And they did.

I film all they videos and songs.

They not famous yet.

But if they do.

Im so going on tour with them. 

I know its not good but it will get better. And no this is  not a calum fanfic its more of a michael fanfic. just wait nothing good has happened yet. And if you want to be in the book just ask i mean non of you will but still.

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