Young love

" please dad I don't want to leave" Emily begged " em know it's going to be hard but we are leaving and that's final" Emily stormed off to Finnish packing. Emily is moving to wales because they are moving in with her dad's girlfriend. Emily hates Lucy she is all to nice to be around. What happens when Emily goes to the same school as leondre deveries (from bars and melody) if you don't know who they are look them up on youtube you will be amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Shock, meeting and new friends

" please dad I don't want to leave" Emily begged
"Em I know it's going to be hard but we are leaving and that's final"

I really hate my dad sometimes ever since mum died he's been distant from me I thought that he was depressed about mum, but it turns out that he has been seeing this woman called Lucy. I've met her before but she is way to happy. Last night dad told me that we would be moving to wales so he and Lucy can see each other more. The bad thing is that Lucy lives in wales and that is really far away, And I'm going to miss my friends and most of all the memories from when mum was alive. 

Few hours later~~~~~~~~

We've just got to port talbot and it's really quiet and I DONT like it already. I like crowded places.
We rolled up to gates that were operated by speaker box thingy. The gates opened and the house or should in say mansion was massive. We drove up the long drive way in the middle was a water fountain. When I turned around Lucy came out then dad told me that she has kids which scared me a little as I've never met them before.

" hello dave" Lucy was kissing dad then she saw me and her eyes started to glimmer as if she was going to cry then she ran at me giving a bear hug. "Hello Emily, I'm so happy you decided to live with us, I've never had a daughter and now I do!"said Lucy.
Lucy helped me get my things into the house there was two stair cases Lucy led me up to the right hand side stairs and there was three doors she opened a door that I think is my bedroom it was white with a grey feature wall with fairy lights hanging from the ceiling. This was my dream room, it was quiet and... Then I heard someone thumping up the stairs and shouting for Lucy it must be her sons. I sneakily peeked out of my room to find a small boy around the age of five and her was sitting on the top step sniffling as if he had been crying, I went to see if he was okay that I got spayed with silly string and out came two boys around my age laughing and so was the younger one. I felt like I was going to cry as I fell on my ankle then one of the boys came to help me up. " sorry it was just a joke! Are you hurt?" Said the boy. " yeah I'm fine can you help me up?"  " sure. I'm leondre by the way but my friends call me Leo!" Said Leo stick out his hand for me to shake. "Emily but most people call me emmi or em" I said shaking Leo's hand. "Huchhum... Sorry to intrude but I think I should introduce my self as we are 'siblings' now I'm jake, sorry and get used to the pranks there will be a lot of them!!!!," said jake who I'm guessing is Lucy's son. " so are you Lucy's other son Leo"  " no I'm jakes friend" "best buds" said jake "and who was the little boy 'crying'?" I asked both of them. "Oh he's Aidan he's our younger brother".  

Few hours later~~~~~~

I was chilling in my room listening to music when I heard a knock on my door. " ITS OPEN" i shout and jake comes in and starts looking around my room after like two minutes he said " hey I was wondering if you wanted to come to the park with me for a while, there will be people from school there it might be nice for you to meet some people before school starts in a few days time" I thought for a moment and agreed to go 

At the park~~~~~~ jakes POV

I got emmi to come with me and she seemed really happy to go with me. As we were entering the park she stopped and looked scared, she went white and she began to panick
" what if they don't like me" "what if they think I'm a freak" she began pacing " don't worry they will love you plus you already know Leo and I'm there and if they are mean I'll protect you as you are my sister sort of!".

We continued to walk in and everyone saw me and started running up to us. Emmi look terrified so I introduced her to everyone
 "Everyone this is emmi and emmi this is george, Ryder, Leo, jasmine, lily, Lucas, Callum, Sophie and Isobel" I pointed to all of them. The girls pulled her over with them and were talking about girly things. After about an hour we made our way home to find dinner ready we all ate together not really talking about anything, then emmi went to bed and I watched the incredibles with Aidan and I went to bed after




Right so tell me what you think of bars and melody and this book so far let me know if you liked it and want any scene ideas to go into it .... 


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