Young love

" please dad I don't want to leave" Emily begged
" em know it's going to be hard but we are leaving and that's final"

Emily stormed off to Finnish packing. Emily is moving to wales because they are moving in with her dad's girlfriend. Emily hates Lucy she is all to nice to be around.
What happens when Emily goes to the same school as leondre deveries (from bars and melody) if you don't know who they are look them up on youtube you will be amazed!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. Meeting the make up monkey

Emmi POV

So far my first day went well. Today is my first day at my new school and I'm so scared.
Jake said he would try and stay with me as much as possible but we might not be in the same classes, this made me more worried. I got up and got ready for school putting on the school uniform and natural makeup as I want to make a good impression. I've never really cared how I looked before but today was different, I felt self conscious but after a few day that should go.... Right?


Lucy dropped me and jake off at school, I began to feel sick. Jake pushed me out of the car, Lucy drove away, leaving me there stranded. I froze, everyone was staring at me, jake looked at me he held out his hand, I cautiously accepted his hand. In a brotherly way he pulled me towards an office. He knocked on the door startling me. The door opened and there stood a middle aged man he was our principle. He gave me my timetable and sent me on my way. Sadly I didn't have all the same classes as jake but he said he would take me to my classes. Luckily we was in the same form room so jake took me there first. 

As we walked in everyone was staring at me, all the girls were glaring at me or mouthing to be to get away from jake or he's mine, every girl did that apart from a girl at the back I smiled at her and she offered me to sit next to her.

"Hi I'm lila are you new?" 
"Hi I'm Emily but everyone calls me emmi"

Skip to lunch 


I was with jake most of the day and I haven't seen lila since form, I hope she's ok. It was lunch I had to buy lunch as dad said that he and Lucy had no time to make us lunch.
I told jake I was getting lunch and to sit down and save me a seat. I went looking around and found my altimeter favourite food tomato pasta. I bought it and as I was walking back I slipped my food, splatted on to some girl with way to much make up, she turned around and pushed me over. Everyone started laughing at me. Leo and jake ran up to see what was happening. Jake lent forward and held out his hand to get me up. When I was up, the make up monkey was growling. "Eww jake why are you touching that..THING" emphasising thing. "Shut up Charley, just because she is new doesn't mean you can do that to her or any on for that matter." Jake said and Leo was nodding  "fine I'll let her go this time don't cross my again GET IT!" She said directing it at me I nodded. Me being me slipped again shoving charley slightly she slowly turned around .....

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