My Love Is Yours

I wrote it for a Christmas present for my TeddyBear.


1. This one is for you

If I spoke

would you have answered.

If I smiled

would you have smiled back.

If I asked you 

would you say yes.

But there is no if

not anymore.

Theres only when

and how.

When I needed someone

you came out from the dark.

You brought me light

in my world of night.

You became my sun

and my source of heat.

Without you I would die

from cold and despair.

The day we started dating

I didn't trust you.

But the day you kissed me

I lost all of me to you.

We may fight

and when we do it's bad.

But nothing you say or do

will make me love you less.

You have become the air I breath

the life I need.

If I can't have you

I want no other.

I love you with all my heart

and couldn't live without you being mine.

Your the tune in my head

the words in my poem.

Your the bed I sleep on

the blankets that keep me warm.

Your the stars in my sky

the fish in my sea.

Your the keys on my piano

the song I sing.

Your the smile on my face

every time I see you.

Your the light in my dark

the sugar in my tea.

And even when this poem ends

My Love For You

Will Always Shine



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