This is a story of a girl. No, it's not some lovey-dovey story about two people who fall in love. It's just a simple story about a simple girl in a world that doesn't accept her for who she is.


6. 5.

Great fucking life, aye? I'm 14 now, what a time it's been since i wrote in here. All my best friends have left me, pretty much. I'm no longer close to people. I lock myself away when I can. There's this girl though, the most amazing girl I've met in my entire life, they're called Alix. There was someone before Alix who I thought I had a chance with, but he stopped talking to me after three months. Distance does that to you.

I'm not talking about long distance either. I gave myself distance to those around me, and they all left. Emilie's still there though, she's still talking to me and wonders why I stay off school(I'll get to that topic soon). So, you're wondering about Sarah? I'm pretty sure she'd rather kick herself in the face then see me, everyone would if they got the chance. I don't know why I keep all my feelings bottled up rather than tell someone, but I'm scared to.

I'm scared to tell Sarah that I miss her. That, if she gave me one more chance, I could try to be her best friend again. 

I'm scared to tell my parents how I actually feel, that they'll laugh at me and tell me to grow up.

I'm scared to tell Emilie that I'm thankful that she's there for me, even if I annoy her at times.

I'm scared to tell.

I'm scared.

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