This is a story of a girl. No, it's not some lovey-dovey story about two people who fall in love. It's just a simple story about a simple girl in a world that doesn't accept her for who she is.


3. 2.

People think just because you're young, you are stupid. That's not the case. Everyone is smart in their own ways. For me, it's the knowledge of the real world and what it does to you. You may know little, or you may know a lot. Everyone is intelligent and smart, you just need to show yourself that.

I have a problem. You see, I like to make everyone happy. I like to let people know that they're worth it. If I don't make them happy, I feel like I've failed. I feel like I've done something wrong. It easily takes hold of you. I know that you can't make everyone happy, that some people need to be left alone. But I just want their life to be the best. Life screws us all, you've just got to know how to deal with it.

You can run away from your problems, or you can face them. Think of problems like a monster, not the energy drink. You can face the monster, confront him and ask why he's doing this, or you can run away and let that monster chase you. Life gives us these options, whether to face your problems and fears or not. I choose to face them, you're never going to get rid of them if you run away, they're going to keep chasing you until you give up. They'll eat you, you'll have all these worries in your head and eventually it will kill you.

I'm already dead.

It's eaten me alive.

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