This is a story of a girl. No, it's not some lovey-dovey story about two people who fall in love. It's just a simple story about a simple girl in a world that doesn't accept her for who she is.


2. 1.

I told myself to never get close to people. That I'll just mess up and ruin our friendship. Then I met her. My bestfriend. I'll explain the story.

It was the second day of high school, I was going round with my friend Imogen. We were close but then she moved schools. She was in a totally different class than me. She didn't know anyone and became friends with a really shy, anxious girl. We are opposites. I, at school, was really out going, loud and full of joy. She was introduced as Sarah. That day, I invited Sarah and Imogen to come round to my house. I felt like our friendship had already grown the six hours we'd known eachother. So they came round, we made videos, Sarah came out of her shell a little more and we listened to music. It was fun. As the weeks went on, I felt myself getting closer to Sarah. We started hanging out more. She makes me happy and I hope I do the same to her. I feel like over the past few weeks we've been falling apart. We hardly hang out anymore, but her grandma just moved down to our city and she's been busy with theatre shows. Whereas I just sit speaking to other people. Some I've met and some I haven't.

Me and Sarah spent most of our free time together. Listening to our favourite music, watching our favourite youtubers, singing our favourite songs. We've even had the bright idea to start a band. So we have. She started learning drums from my brother, who was voted best drummer of where I live. I started learning bass from the bassist in my brother's band. And it works. We have another friend, Alice, who can play guitar and a friend, Emilie, who can play keyboard and is amazing at singing.

Even when we weren't together, me and Sarah would be speaking to one another in some way. So, I guess things were going okay. And still are. Our friendship works.

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