This is a story of a girl. No, it's not some lovey-dovey story about two people who fall in love. It's just a simple story about a simple girl in a world that doesn't accept her for who she is.


1. Introduction

Well then, I guess this is it. So, I'm Mia, I'm 13 and I live in the UK. I know you're thinking this isn't normal right? For a thirteen year old girl to feel so alone. So sad. So... isolated. The answer is, it isn't. The real world has just hit me sooner than it hits others. You remember that time you were watching a really cute movie where these two people fall in love and their relationship is perfect and never goes wrong? The real world isn't like that. The real world is full of false hope. People longing to be perfect. Girls being stick thin yet saying they're fat. That's the real world, my friends. It brings down every last piece of hope you have about yourself and rips it to shreds. You see, before the real world hits us, we're as happy as can be. Not a single thing can bother us, our days are bright and the sky is always blue. Yet, when the real world gets to us, our thoughts become more dark, you start getting annoyed at the most simple of things and the sky is always grey. Thinking our life is perfect isn't the best thing yet neither is thinking our life is the worst. There's always going to be people who try and put you down, but you've got to keep your head up. It will pain them to see a smile on your face. You see, when people said things to me I just kept my head down and stayed out of the way. It never stops. Then there's the people that constantly ask you if you're alright. You reply with the same thing each time. "I'm fine"

But do you really mean it? Then when you don't smile because maybe you're tired or a bit upset, the same people are concerned and never stay away. The saddest people are usually the happiest. At school, I'm the brightest and happiest girl you could meet. But that's not who I am, it's who I want to be.

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