When it happened

it was a normal first day of summer until it happened.


2. day two

morning sleepy head

I hear in my ear, it must be Destiny 

hey what time is it

10:00 i let you sleep in can we go down stairs and have break fast now 

yeah lets go 

we went down stairs and I made french toast. 

so what did you say your dad did for a job 

oh he is in the military at a base in north bay there working on a new war chemical called z day

oh well that doesn't sound suspicious at all haha

haha yeah 

"ring ring ring" the house phone is going off


hey dad is that you 

yes, yes you have to get food, water, and weapons 


and head to my mane military base...... and hit any thing in the head hard if it starts running at you

umm..... ok do you want me to bring Destiny to shes at the house 

yeah just get hear safe

ok bye love you 

love you too bye

..... Destiny get our nap sacks and come hear


well Destiny was getting the bags I got some knifes from the kitchen and went to the door   

what are we doing 

were going to the base for my dad and if any thing try's to kill you stab it in the head with this knife 

...... ok

were going to the store to get food ok, and follow me closely 

ok lets go

Well we were on our way to the store people where eating other people one even ran at us but we hit it in the head until it stopped moving. We finally made it to the store and went inside... there was no one in there so we put 3 waters, 4 cans of soup, 5 bags of beef jerky in each bag. Then we went to the weapon shop down the road and put two pistols with lots of ammo and a hatchet in each bag and left.

20 minutes later

we arrived at the military base and shake'ed on the fence as we did people stared yelling drop you bags and weapons so we did and i yelled back


my dad told me to come hear his name is Rick Robbins and i'm his daughter  Kendell Robbins

ok come in 

the opened the gate so we picked up the bags and walked inside they showed us to my fathers office and left.


yes your hear did ether one of you get bit or scratched?

no I don't think so did you Destiny


 so that's a no

ok go into that room, its a bedroom both of you get some rest ill explane in the morning

0k night love you 

love you too night hunny 

then we walked into the room and ate some beef jerky and went to bed.       





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