When it happened

it was a normal first day of summer until it happened.


3. day three

We woke up to the sound of people screaming, and gun shots. then out of no wear a huge bang and slam came out of my dads office so both Destiny and I jumped out of bed. Destiny grabbed her gun and I grabbed my hatchet out of the bags. She put her had on the door and quietly said 

on the count of three be ready 1, 2, 3

and he both flew out from behind the door and my dad was sitting on the floor with a dead body in front  of him and a broken lamp in his hand. Besides that he was covered in blood.

dad are you ok

no hunny i'm not i got bit that means i'm going to turn into one of these i love you but go get one of the military cars the keys will be in the cup holder I want you to go and get supply's and find a safe place to stay for the night 

ok dad I love you (and i give him a hug and a kiss goodbye)

I love you to hunny bye

We ran out the door and follow the way the took us in all the way to the front doors and ran outside. We stood there in horror, the fence caved in walkers every where, people where dead. On our way to one of the trucks we found 2 military guns beside a dead body, full clips. We checked  the body for ammo we found two more full clips for the guns and ran to the nearest truck. I got in the drivers side door and Destiny got in the passenger side door. I grabbed the keys that were in the cup holder and started the car and dived through the broken down fence and onto the road. We found our way to a little abandoned town. We drove through it until we found a grocery store, we parked in front and locked the truck. We walked into the store and grabbed  some supply's like water, caned beans, beef jerky, any caned veggies we could find. We walked into the back were the new shipments would be and behind a box a boy about my age or older sitting there in fear we said 

hello whats your name mine is Kendell and this is Destiny, ar-are you ok, do you need help

   josh, and yes my mum is hurt some one came in hear and hurt her

did she get bit because if she did she is gon-

yes she got bit bye one of tho-those things 

 ok well josh she is going to turn into one of those things you need to stab her in the head, destroy her brain

bu-bu-but I cant

ok I will I said, but you have to step back ok

ok  just let me say goodbye(hugs his mum and kisses her four-head) goodbye i love you mum

ok are you ready 

yes go ahead

I walk over and grab her head, and stab her temple with my kitchen knife. 

ok josh do you want to come with us 

ok I guess I have no one else  

ok grab a bag and fill it with supply's for your self and come and get in our truck ok


we walk out into our truck with our bags to wait for him well he gets his own stuff. I sat in the drivers seat again and Destiny sat in the passenger side. a few minutes later he comes out with a bag full of stuff and gets into the back seat and says.

where are we going

to find a safe place to stay for the night then we will see what life leads us to do for tomorrow

oh ok, do you mind if I take a nap

nope go right ahead 

ok night


kendell's pov

I think I like this boy, he seams nice, cute, he has blond hair with that flow look he was wearing blue jeans, and a green top, and light blue eyes. I dont know we will have to see what he is like.

Destinys pov 

I dont like this boy, he seams suspicious, hes also ugly, and not to top that off he looks like such a prissy boy, you no like one of the rich kids from the school. I dont no we will have to see about him.

 Josh's pov

I like those girls there nice, that Kendell girl is cute and she seems nice, she has long dark brown hair with hazel eyes and is wearing a black tight belly shirt , gray leggings, with army boots along, and a black leather jacket. And that Destiny girl looks like she hates me, she was wearing a purple t-shirt and black stretchy pants, she has black hair, and grayish hazel eyes. But I dont no about them i'll have to see about them.

30 minutes later

we arrived at a farm in the middle of no were, we parked out side and locked the car doors after we got out. we trough our bags over our shoulders, I yelled.

hello any one there, were looking for a place to stay for the night


ok were coming in don't be alarmed, and don't shoot 


we walked into the house and checked all the rooms in the house except for one the door was closed so we all stood there, Destiny  opened the door nothing in the except for a puppy, bye the looks of it, it was a German Shepherd  so we went to pet it. It let us pet it there was nothing wrong with it.

what should we name it I said

what about scout said Josh 

thats a perfect name lets go and eat and go to sleep

we went down stairs had a bite to eat and went to sleep with out a problem. 




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