When it happened

it was a normal first day of summer until it happened.


1. day one

"beep beep beep" my alarm clock beside my bed started to go off. As I turn it off i hear my cell phone ring beside me so i grab it, its Destiny my best friend what would she want at 9:00 in the morning. I let it ring three more times until i answered 

"hello Kendell is that you"   said destiny

yeah whats up

i have a baby sitting job in an hour and a half that i need help with do you want to help?

yeah why not 

ill pick you up in a hour bye

ok bye 

I figured I should have a shower so i had one. After I was done i put on a red tank top and black leggings along with purple running shoes. I had 10 minutes left until she got hear so i had a bole of cereal then garbed my phone as i wait util she gets hear.

ten minutes later 

"knock knock knock" shes at the door so i go and open it.

hey you coming 


i follow her to her car and we start to drive to the babysitting job.

so why do you need help

im baby sitting three 12 year olds so i needed help

oh ok

30 minutes later 

We arrived to the house and went inside. As we went in we couldn't hear any thing but when we went into the living room the kids where sitting on the ground coloring the parents introduced us there where two girls and one boy. the boy was named James he had light blue eyes and dark blond hair the first girl was named Rebecca she had green eyes and dark brown hair and the second girls name was Sofia she had brown eyes with light brown hair. After the parents went out we sat and watch TV and fed them supper. finally at 10pm the parents came home and payed us 50$ each. We decided to have a sleep over at my house.


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