Scarlet Secret

Sapphire Jacobs and Alexander Richards,16, have been best friends since they were in the fifth grade. Now,in high school, they both deal with the usual high school issues. Gossip,drama,relationships,hormones and feelings. But,they have some feelings of their own that they need to come to terms with, as well as a dark secret that Alex has been keeping from Sapphire. Will their friendship survive or turn into something more?


4. Today's going to be a long day.

*The Next Day*

*Alex P.O.V*

Today’s going to be a long day. I don’t even know what happened last night but this morning I woke up and saw a missed call from Sapphire. I’m guessing I must have had my phone on do not disturb or something because it never even rang. Not only that but I got a message from Stephen saying we need to talk.  I tried to speak to him but he brushed it off and gave me funny looks. But that’s the least of my worries right now. With what happened with Sapph yesterday I really hope things go smoothly.

“Alex don’t forget to stop by the supermarket after school.” My mother called as I walked out the door.

“I won’t.”

I made sure I had my phone before getting in my car and heading to school. I pulled into my usual parking spot in front and made my way inside. After stopping at my locker to get my books I headed to the first class I had, English. I immediately saw Sapph upon entering the class. I didn’t know how she would react to me so I decided to sit a few seats away from where I normally sat.

"Good morning everyone. Please take out your book and let's get started." Said the English teacher Mr. Edwards.

*Time Skip to Art*

School seems unbearably boring today and painful as hell to sit through. At least now I can make up with Sapph and move on.

"Good afternoon everyone. Please sit according to the seating chart on the board and take out your drawings." Said Ms. Park from her desk.

I looked through the chart for my name and went to sit at my new table followed by Sapphire, a girl I remember from math, I think her name was Cassandra, and a guy that I can't quite place but I know that I've seen him in another class. I took a deep breath and pulled out my drawing of Sapphire.

"Once you're done pulling out your drawings switch with the person next to you and examine their drawing, after I want you to keep switching with each person from the table and then take turns explaining why you drew what you drew. Lastly I want each person to discuss the techniques they used and decide on a different style to use to redraw."

I looked to the person next to me and saw that it was Cassandra. I passed her my drawing and accepted hers. She drew a picture of a house on a horse ranch. I quickly examined her drawing before passing it. After a few minutes I got back a drawing that seriously surprised me. It was a drawing of me from about two years ago. I just stared at the drawing in front of me.

Why would she draw me? I thought she was angry with me?

I froze after a second when I realized the implications that come with the drawing.

I'm the most important person to her.

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