Scarlet Secret

Sapphire Jacobs and Alexander Richards,16, have been best friends since they were in the fifth grade. Now,in high school, they both deal with the usual high school issues. Gossip,drama,relationships,hormones and feelings. But,they have some feelings of their own that they need to come to terms with, as well as a dark secret that Alex has been keeping from Sapphire. Will their friendship survive or turn into something more?


1. Screw it, I want pizza!

Sapphire Jacobs


Alexander Richards(cover photo)


Sapphire’s P.O.V


“Hey Alex!” I yelled running to my best friend, where he sat at a table in the cafeteria of the mall. As soon as he turned around I attempted to knock him out of his seat by jumping on him…But he caught me and put me in the seat next to him.


“Nice to see you too, Sapphire.”  He said smirking at me.


“You suck, you know that right?” I said pouting at him. He knew it was my life’s goal to catch him off guard but so far I’ve been unsuccessful.


“Aww, we both know you don’t mean that.” He answered, poking my cheek.


“Yeah, I do. You’re a horrible best friend. Why can’t you just let me catch you off guard?” I asked, glaring at him and trying to bite him for poking my cheek.


“Because, if I did you wouldn't really be winning that would just be me giving you want you want and then you’d angry with me for not pushing you. Now stop sulking.” He said, pulling his finger back before I could bite it.


“You know me too damn well and I’m not sulking, I’m angry. Now go get me a smoothie and burger with fries for killing my dream.” I said crossing my arms and turning away from him so I could sulk in peace.


“That’s not how you ask.” He said raising an eyebrow at me when I looked back at him and pouted. The pout wasn’t working so I pulled the puppy dog face.


“Please?” I said softly and bringing up a few fake tears.


“Fine.” He sighed and went to get me food while I smirked evilly.


I sat for about ten minutes waiting for Alex to get back before turning to see him looking uncomfortable while surrounded by girls and stopping him from reaching me with my food. I got up and stomped over to him.


“Hey Love, I saw you with our food and decided to come help you because you were taking so long.” I said and grabbed one of the trays out of his hand and moving close enough for him to wrap his arm around me.


“Sorry for taking so long, Beautiful. I was just a little distracted.” He answered and pulled me close before kissing my forehead and I giggled.


“It’s alright-. Oh, who are they?” I asked and nuzzled into his side, pretending as if I just noticed all the girls staring at me with jealousy and disbelief.


“Oh they’re some girls I just met. Ladies this is my girlfriend, Sapphire. It was nice meeting you all but we’re going to go eat now.” Alex said and began to lead me away from the glaring girls.


“Good bye. It was a pleasure to meet you guys-. Oops, I mean girls.” I said waving slightly as we headed to our table.


“Thank you so much.” He said as soon as we were out of ear-shot.


“You’re welcome. What are friends for, if not to save you from a pack of vicious girls?” I said blushing and smiling at him. I always felt weird after pretending to be his girlfriend so I usually blush as soon as we’re done.


When we finally sat down and ate it seemed to get awkwardly quiet. We mainly concentrated on our food and avoided eye contact. After a few minutes, I looked up and finally noticed what he was eating. It was a super cheesy slice of pizza that made my mouth water.


“Hey Alex.” I said sweetly.


“Yeah Sapphire.” He said glancing at me suspiciously.


“That pizza looks really good.” I said.


“It’s delicious.” He said and took a bite.


“Can I have some?” I said, getting to the point.


“No, you wanted a burger. Eat your burger.” He said and continued to eat the pizza.


“I am but I want a bite of pizza.” I whined as he continued to eat the slice.


“No.” Another bite


“Please.” I said and scooted closer to him.


“No.” Another bite


“If you don’t give me some I’ll take a piece.” I warned


“I’d like to see you try.” He snorted and mockingly took another bite.


I lunged at him and tried to take a bite of his pizza but he moved it… So I ended up kissing him instead. We both began to blush a bright red and I began to pull away but I licked my lips, causing me to taste the pizza, and then stopped moving. The pizza tastes great… But I shouldn’t keep kissing him… Screw it, I want pizza! I leaned in further and closed my eyes. I licked his lips and he gasped so I took the opportunity to stick my tongue into his mouth and gather some of the pizza. As I gathered the food I noticed a really sweet taste that was hard to discern but simply concluded it was just how Alex naturally tasted. Soon enough though Alex got over his shock and figured out what I was doing. So he began to fight back and pushed his way to my mouth. Quickly we just began to make out because neither one of us wanted to give up.


After a few minutes we finally pulled back but said nothing because we're still trying to catch our breath. I soon realized something though and got a huge grin on my face.


"I win."


"What do you mean you win?" Alex asked looking confused.


"I got the most pizza." I stated.


"No you didn't." He argued.


"Yeah. I did." I mocked.


"You cheated. I had no idea you were going to kiss me." He replied, he was glaring at me.


"Well isn't someone a sore loser." I giggled.


"No. I'm just saying that if I knew what was going on I would have won."


"Oh please." I said rolling my eyes.


"No, seriously I would have won."


"Prove it then." I challenged and took a bite of his pizza mockingly.


"Fine." He shrugged and pulled me into another kiss. This time both of us was ready and going for the pizza. Yet again we eventually finished the piece and continued to make out for a while.  Soon enough though we stopped and sat for a few seconds before beginning to eat again.


"Wanna go to Hot Topic?" I asked eventually after we finished eating.




We got up and threw away our trash before heading to the second level of the mall where Hot Topic sat waiting. The second we entered though I noticed a section with discount band merchandise and headed straight for it. The sweaters looked awesome but shirts were calling out to me. I picked up a mesh shirt, black lace jeans and a Black Veil Brides crop top to try on.


"Alex I'll be-" I started to tell Alex but turned to see he wasn't with me. He was preoccupied with the sales clerk. They were smiling at each other and she was holding a shirt against him pretending to check if it would fit him but was actually feeling him up. For some reason I felt my blood boil.


I can't believe Alex is letting some skank feel him up like that. He's supposed to be with me and I should be the only one touching him like that. Why do I feel like this? Why does seeing this hurt so bad?


I stomped to the dressing room and changed into the outfit before going back out to see that Alex had bought something and that he was hugging that same bimbo from before. I walked over to him and interrupted the skank before she could speak.


"Hey Alex, how do I look?" I asked and smiled pretending to not notice the girl in his arms.


"You look good Sapph." He said, a bit rushed, taking in what I was wearing after finally letting go of the skank.


"Do you think I should get it? I don't know what to get?" I said and grabbed his arm trying to pull him toward the band shirts but he stopped me.


"You should get it. I'll wait at the register for you." He said and walked back to the skank and started talking to her.


I stood there stunned for a minute after having my best friend brush me off to talk to some ugly bitch. I stomped back to the changing room and put my clothes back on them went to the band merchandise and got a few more shirts and some sweaters. I then headed to the cashier.


"That'll be $59.98." The clerk said and I handed him the cash and took my bags.


"Thank you" I said to the clerk as I walked straight pass Alex and left the store.


"Sapph!" Alex said surprised cause I usually wait for him before leaving. He hurriedly grabbed his stuff and tried to catch up but I made sure make my way into a crowd so he couldn't reach me.


Screw Alex if he wanted to be with me he wouldn't have brushed me off. I thought to myself as I headed to my favorite book store, Barnes and Nobles, and started searching for the last book in the Vampire Kisses series to start reading. I looked for ten minutes before finding the book and getting a few others from the Morganville Vampires series.


"SAPPHIRE!" I heard some one call as I left the store and headed to the mall entrance. I ignored it because I knew it was Alex calling my named but I did speed up to get farther away.


"Sapphire, wait!" Alex said and I heard him running to catch up with me.  I walked faster toward the entrance.

Sadly, he caught me before I could reach the entrance. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me to face him while and glared at him.

"Sapphire, what's going on? Why are you ignoring me?" He asked, confused.


"..." I refused to answer him.


"Sapphire please tell me what I did wrong." He said, desperately, but I only turned my head away from him... Until he started dragging me further in to the mall then I started trying to pull away.


"Let me go!" I said. I was trying my hardest to pull away but he's too strong for me to get away.


"Not until you tell me what I did wrong." He said and pulled me into a little bakery/cafe. He pulled us to a table and waived down a waiter.


"What would you two like?" Asked the waiter.


"Nothing." I answered and tried to get up but Alex pulled me back in to my seat.


"Would you please bring us some banana cream cupcakes and two hot chocolates?" Alex said completely disregarding my answer and the waiter hurriedly left to fill his order once he noticed the tense atmosphere.


"Now please tell me what I did so I can fix it." Alex calmly requested.


"..." I ignored him.


"Sapphire, just because you don't answer doesn't mean I'll stop trying." He said




"Fine if that's how you wanna play it. Tell me why you're mad if you don't want me to hug you." He said.




"I guess you want me to hug you." He said and picked me up and put me in his lap before hugging me tightly to him. My eyes widened and I started  struggling to get away.


"..." I angrily refused to speak but still fought to get him to let me go.


After a few minutes I was tired a gave up. That's when the waiter returned and saw me in Alex's lap. I blushed bright red and turned away.


"You know if you just told me I would let you go." He pointed out before picking up a cupcake and taking a bite.


"..." I watched the cupcake and then tried to move my arm to take one from the try in front of us but he stopped my arm.


"Sorry but you can only have one if you talk to me." He teased


"..." I glared at him


He ignored it and continued eating until there were only four cupcakes left.  He then began to reach for the next one.


"Stop! I'm upset because you ignored me!" I called out and made him pause.


"I never ignored you." He said confused.


"Yes you did I wanted your help in the store but you just brushed me off and went to flirt with that girl." I said pouting at him.


"What are you talking about? I wasn't flirting with her. We just talking." He argued


"Oh please, you stood there and smiled at her when she felt you up." I pointed out.


"She wasn't feeling me up. She was checking to see how the shirt would fit me." He argued


"That's what changing rooms are for. If she wasn't flirting with you she would have told you to try it on instead." I said


"Okay so maybe she was flirting, but I wasn't." He claimed


"Oh please you were in such a rush to go back to her." I said


"She was telling me about some new shipments of Tokio Hotel coming in soon." He said


"... So a bunch of shirts was more important than me?" I glared at him.


"No! I was just really excited. I'm really sorry, Sapph." He immediately denied.


"...You're lucky I can't stay angry with you for too long." I sighed and he smiled really big


"It's because you love me." He teased and put a cupcake to my lips.


"The only thing I love is food." I teased back and bit into the delicious cupcake.

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