Scarlet Secret

Sapphire Jacobs and Alexander Richards,16, have been best friends since they were in the fifth grade. Now,in high school, they both deal with the usual high school issues. Gossip,drama,relationships,hormones and feelings. But,they have some feelings of their own that they need to come to terms with, as well as a dark secret that Alex has been keeping from Sapphire. Will their friendship survive or turn into something more?


3. Alex is the most important person to me.

Sapphire’s P.O.V

Alex has been zoned out for a while now. It’s strange; I’ve never seen him like this before. I’ll have to ask him what’s going on but later Ms. Park is walking around and if he doesn’t start drawing she’s gonna start complaining.


“Alex snap out of it. We gotta start before the teacher gets here.” I said, shaking him.


“Start what?” He asked looking confused.


“Start our drawings. The teacher wants us to sketch something important in our lives for now and then do a full on drawing of it at home.” I told him.


“Okay thanks.” He said and got up to get some sketch paper.


“So what got you so distracted earlier?” I asked him curiously. I was doing some random sketches of my family but they didn’t feel right.


“Nothing I was just remembering something.” He answered.


“What we’re you remembering?” I asked and nudged him.


“Nothing important.” He dismissed. I narrowed my eyes at him.


“Alex, what are you hiding?” I calmly asked him.


“I’m not hiding anything.” He answered and shifted away from me slightly while he was drawing.


“Friends don’t keep secrets.” I warned.


“Yes they do.” He countered.


“Oh really?”


“Yes really. What’s your middle name?” He scoffed and I winced.


“Never mind.” I said and turned away quickly.


“That’s what I thought.” He mocked.


“No need to be so mean; all I did was ask a question.” I glared at him.


“And I didn’t feel like answering.” He answered snidely.


 “What the hell is your problem?” I asked. His attitude was really grating on my nerves now.


“I don’t have a problem. I just don’t feel like talking.” He countered, staring at his drawing.


“Fine. Then don’t talk to me!” I said and grabbed my stuff then moved to a different table making Alex look surprised at me.


“Sapph-.” Alex started but I stopped him with a glare.


“Sapph nothing. You didn’t want to talk so I’m leaving you alone.” I said and just went back to drawing.


“…Okay” He said looking hurt but turned back to his paper. I felt a slight pull in my heart at the look he gave me but just ignored it.


Maybe I was a bit tough on him but he shouldn’t have been so mean… But maybe something was bothering him. I’m a horrible friend; I shouldn’t have been so quick to go off on him. Maybe I should apologize to him. I turned toward Alex.


“Hey Al-.” I was cut off.


*Ring Ring*


I tried to pack up fast so I could apologize but by the time I turned back he was gone. I immediately left and went outside to catch up with him but I couldn’t find his car anywhere. I feel horrible. I shouldn’t have done that; now he’s mad at me. I sullenly walked to my own car and drove home. The minute I stepped inside I saw my mother, my brother, and my cousin in the kitchen eating cookies.


“Hey Sapphire.” Mom said waving at me with a half-eaten cookie in her.


“Hey Sis.” Said Leo and held out a cookie to me as I walked to the table.


“Hey Sapph.” Said Vera lifting her hand to wave but stopped to pick up her phone after it started beeping. After she read the message she paused before jerking her head up and looking at me surprised.


“Hi everyone. What’s wrong?” I asked taking the cookie from Leo and looking at Vera confused.


“Nothing.” She said and quickly shook her head before looking back at her phone and answering the message.

“How was school?” Asked Mom.


“It sucked; Alex and I aren’t talking.” I answered, taking a bit out of the cookie.


“Why? What happened?” Asked Leo, looking surprised.


“I got upset with him during Art and told him not to talk to me but then I thought maybe I was being too harsh; so I decided to apologize. But when I went to say something the bell rang and he left. I tried to find him outside but his car wasn’t there.” I explained and put my head on the table.


“Why don’t you call him?” Mom suggested. I mentally face palmed.


“I didn’t actually think of that but I’ll go try it now.” I said and ran to my room.


I put my stuff down and pulled out my phone. I took deep breath before calling him.


*Ring Ring*


Come on pick up


*Ring Ring*


Why won’t you answer already


*Ring Ring*




He ignored my call. I stood there in shock for a minute. Alex rarely ever ignores my calls and he never does it on purpose. Maybe he’s just not by his phone. I then called the next best person, Stephen.


“Sapphire?” He answered confused.


“Yeah, it’s me.” I said awkwardly.


“What’s up?” He asked sounding curiously.


“Is… Um… Is Alex home?” I asked him.


“Yeah he got home a while ago and went to his room. Did something happen?”


“No I just wanted to know if he was home. I tried calling him just now but I guess he didn’t hear his phone or something.” I answered and threw myself on my bed.


“Really? That’s strange since he had his headphones in his ears last time I saw him. You want me to go check?” He asked confused.


“Oh. No. Thanks. I’ll just call him later.” I said trying to hide the hurt that was trying to show through my voice. Alex really was ignoring me.


“Are you sure?” He asked sounding concerned.


“Yeah I’m sure. Bye Steph.” I said and hung up.


I stared at my ceiling for what felt like hours but was probably only a few minutes. Well if I’m not talking to Alex I might as well be productive. I got up and went to my bag then pulled out my homework. For the next couple hours I mechanically finished my homework until I came across my Art project. I looked at the page containing random drawings of family members and while they all were very important to me it just didn’t feel right.


I turned and saw a picture of Alex and I from when we first entered high school.  In the picture were standing side by side and I was on his left, my arms were wrapped around him in a side hug. His arm was around my shoulder and we we’re giving the most cheesy, wide, smiles. At the time we were in front of his house and decided to take a quick picture before Melody drove us to school, that was when she was sixteen and the only one able to drive us to school. During the summer we couldn’t see each other because Alex was visiting some family in Europe.


We we’re so excited to finally see each other again that we couldn’t be near each other without smiling for that entire day and the rest of that week. After the first week though, something changed. Alex wasn’t as shy and became very suspicious towards anyone who even approached us. He was still kind of nervous and hated overly crowed places but it seemed to have reached a whole new level especially when the kids in the school noticed how much we had ‘grown up’. At least once a week Alex would have a group of admirers trying to get his attention. Some were more subtle than others; they would send notes in class or stick letters in his locker. But there were also the overly bold ones that would try to cling to him or would try to get me away from him… The key word there was ‘try’; they constantly failed because it didn’t cross their minds that Alex and I would never let them come between us. It’s ridiculous some of the attempts they made. A couple tried threatening me but that failed when they learned that not only was I the more out spoken one between the two of us but my parents had me take self-defense classes for about five years. A few others tried spreading rumors but no one in the school believed them because I was honestly one of the friendliest people in the school. A few others actually tried to literally get in between us, they would take the seats around him in class or fill up the seats at whatever lunch table he sat at or even block him off when I tried to reach him in the hallways;  but that didn’t work either because in class Alex would just wait for me to sit down then switch with whoever was sitting next to me, at lunch Alex would let me pick the table and then we would just get some kids we actually had no problems with to sit with us or I would sit on his lap and we would ignore the girls, and in the halls Alex would push his way to me instead of having me come to him. One of the dumbest things some girls tried was to prank me and a couple did succeed but when I found out who did it,  I made sure to humiliate them ten times worse than whatever they did to me.


Sadly girls weren’t the only ones we had to deal with because guys were in on the whole separate us thing too. Some guys were sweet about how they went about asking me out; like love note, gifts, or live confessions but not all were. Some tried to corner me but somehow Alex always showed up and got them away from me. Some others tried blackmail but that failed extremely fast when they couldn’t really find anything to blackmail me with.  One idiot even tried to molest me but Alex caught him and he ended up in the hospital for his efforts. Some even tried the same things the girls did but they failed as well. A few tried flirting with me to make Alex jealous but it didn’t work because I always swerved them and made my way to Alex. A couple guys were stupid enough to try fighting Alex but they all got beat up and sent to the emergency room; but when they came back I made sure to humiliate every single one of them for messing with my best friend. Eventually both the guys and girls got the message and gave up but every once in a while things would happen.


I stared at the picture for a few seconds and I felt my heart clench. I hate it when he’s mad at me. He’s the one person I can’t tolerate being angry with me. I sighed and turned away from the picture. I got a new sheet of paper and did a sketch of Alex from that first day. Once I finished it I smiled because looking at the picture, it felt right. Alex is the most important person to me. I started on a clean sheet and did a final drawing of him to turn in for class. 

A little while later my mother called me for dinner but it was strange because it felt like Vera was staring at me; but when I looked she wasn’t. I ignored it and finished my food then played a few multiplayer games on the Xbox with Leo before heading to bed.


“I will get my best friend back.” I said before succumbing to sleep.

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