The Fallen Angel

Raven Rosefield is a senior in high School .She is raised by her older brother Parker Her parents and guardians died when she was little. Also her best friend baxton died in 6th grade. What happens when she walks home from a party one day to see something fall from the sky.
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3. The New Kids

When I got to school, everyone was surrounded by something. When I went to go see what it was, I saw a new kid. But, before I could talk the bell rang and I went off to science. I sat down and next to me was the new kid. "Hi, I'm Matt." He said.

"Im Raven," I said introducing myself. I saw that he had black hair and electrifying green eyes, he was so cute. I would totally date him if I wasn't getting married in a year. After talking a little bit he says," You are the most beautiful angel I've seen How about after school you meet me by my motorcycle." Before I could say no Mr. Preston came in and said," We have a new kid."

We all looked up front and I saw Baxton. He just smiled and I saw all the girl fall in love with him. I guess he's going to end up being popular. Baxton took the seat next to me, " What's up Haven, miss me yet angel?" "What the heck are you doing here Baxton!" I said whispering.

"Aww you didn't miss me, you hurt my feelings and your brother said I could stay with you guys if I went to school." He said right back. "You are the same from 6th grade aren't you and yes I missed you." I said laughing. The bell rang and I went to my locker. I opened it to see two notes one from Reese and one from Dominic. I first opened Reese's- Dear Raven, I can't for our date tonight.

Dominic's said- Please go out with me! Ever since Baxton "died" his buddies been neck to neck with trying to date me. At the end of the day I went out side and I couldn't find Parker. I finally find him and he says," Where's Baxton?" "Why do you want to know" I questioned.

Right when Parker was about to speak Matt came up and says," Hey angel." "Hey, Matt this is my older brother Parker and Parker this is my.. um... friend." I stuttered cause I didn't know what to call Matt. They both say nice to meet you. But then Parker says he has to go.

Then went into his 1969 black Mustang and said," Be home soon." Then once he drove away Matt whispers in my ear," How about you come to my house and ill show you my house." But, before he pulled away Baxton pushed him. "WHAT THE HECK DUDE!" Matt said furiously.

"Get the hack away from her you demon!" Baxton said as Matt punched him. They were in a full out fight before I said," STOP FIGHTING AND BAXTON COME WITH ME." I said walking away furiously.


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