The Fallen Angel

Raven Rosefield is a senior in high School .She is raised by her older brother Parker Her parents and guardians died when she was little. Also her best friend baxton died in 6th grade. What happens when she walks home from a party one day to see something fall from the sky.
Thank you for the wonderful cover @Beautifully Unorthodox


4. The Heartbreak

Once me and Baxton got to the back of the school I started yelling at him," Don't do that again remember the last time you got into a fight, YOU DIED! I can't lose you again." I got quiet toward the end. I look up at his face to see him pouting," aww still pouting huh?" I say teasing him.

"Noooo." Baxton says back but before he could finish I told him to be quiet. I look past his shoulder and I start to cry. Baxton turns around and says," Who are those two kids and why are you crying." "That is your friend Reese and my best friend Anna. I'm crying cause Reese is my fiancé not Anna's!" I said wiping away my tear.

I turn around to see Baxton breaking then up. "What the heck man why did you do that?" Reese asked. But Anna finally says,"Um...Raven.....Reece...." "Raven its not what it looks like!" Reece try's to clear up. "It looks to me your shoving your tongue down Anna's throat!" I said yelling.

"Raven I wouldn't do this to you!" Anna says. "Ya you wouldn't EX-FRIEND and Reese what about this ring?" I said throwing it at him. After that I just ran away screaming, I finally reached where I wanted to be. Me and Baxton's tree house I climb inside and continue to cry. I texted Parker-

Me- I will be home later tonight, don't worry about me!! :(

Parker- Are you ok?!?! >:(

Me-Ill tell you later

Parker- Did Baxton hurt you? Im going to kill him!

Me- NO, Ill talk to you later

Then I turned off my phone and I heard a deep voice say," Can I come in?" I look up to see Baxton. "You have every right to be mad with them but answer this question. Why were you going to marry him, my ex-friend,WHY?!" He said getting a little bit angry.
"Well since you died me and Reece started dating on our 5th year anniversary, Reece asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. BUT STUPID ME, I WAS TO EXCITED!" I said sadly and started to cry again. But, then Baxton pulled me into his lap and said," Can I tell you something important?"


Hey guys Hopefully you guys like it so far!

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