The Fallen Angel

Raven Rosefield is a senior in high School .She is raised by her older brother Parker Her parents and guardians died when she was little. Also her best friend baxton died in 6th grade. What happens when she walks home from a party one day to see something fall from the sky.
Thank you for the wonderful cover @Beautifully Unorthodox


5. The confesstion

I sniffle and nod yes. Then he say," Ever since I saw you in Kindergarten, I liked you! You know what the fight was about? You! The person was talking bad about you and he wouldn't stop but, he first punched me but I started fighting back. So, I was happy that I died to protect you!"

I can't believe that he died for me! What he said next surprised me," WAIT, but I want to tell you now that I LOVE YOU RAVEN ROSEFIELD, I LOVE YOU! I WOULD NEVER STOP LOVING YOU!" All I could say was,"Baxton... I.." "Don't say it, please you will break my heart, if you say you don't love me back." He said getting up and leaving.

I cant believe I was so stupid! Yes, I liked him back but, I couldn't tell him. After sitting in the tree house for 5 more minute I ran home. I saw Parker," Do you know how to answer you phone at all?!" He said irritated. "Well I'm sorry that I found Reece cheating on me with Anna!" I said back to him.

"Wait, your friend Anna?" He questioned. "Yes, why?" I said get scared. "Cause I was kinda dating her...." He said whispering. "WHAT! YOU WERE DATING MY BEST FRIEND. EWW GROSS!" I said creeped out.

"But, she broke up with me this morning." He said getting sad. "Did Baxton com home?" I asked. "Ya, he's in his room. Now he's going to live with us. By the way, he told me about how he was a angel." He confessed.

"What room is he in?!" I asked just trying to get it out of him. "In mom and dads old one." He said as I just ran upstairs. I ran right into the room to see him crying in his hands. "Baxton." I said quietly. "I don't want to talk about it right now. I don't need my heart broken. Can you please leave?" He said sniffling.

"Ya, but just to let you know I love you too. I loved you in 6th grade why do you think I was dating Reese. Cause it hurt when you died!" I said leaving the room. I heard footsteps behind me and before I could process anything Baxton was kissing me. I kissed back but then pulled away to see him smiling.

I smiled back and went right to my room closing the door. Nothing could wipe the smile off my face except when my brother called me downstair.


Who do you think will be downstairs? 

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