The Fallen Angel

Raven Rosefield is a senior in high School .She is raised by her older brother Parker Her parents and guardians died when she was little. Also her best friend baxton died in 6th grade. What happens when she walks home from a party one day to see something fall from the sky.
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2. Baxton

So, I'm walking home from my friend Anna's house from her first day as seniors party when I see something fall from the sky. Of course me being curious I when to go see what it was, when I went up to it I saw it was a boy. The boy says "Where am I." He must've feel out of a tree and hit his head! As he try's to get up he falls right back down I look down to see he is covered with blood.

So, I said "You are far away from a hospital so, Ill take you to my house and get you cleaned up. I studying to be a doctor so I can help you." But he refuse for me to help him so, I started to walk away. Till I hear him say "Fine just help me get up." I end up helping him walk to my house and I was so happy when I saw that the house was dark cause I went to the party when my brother didn't know.

So, I went inside with the boy and had him lay down on the couch. Before I could turn on the TV the lights came on to show a angry Parker. "Where were you!" He said but calmed down saying, "I thought I lost you." "I know im sorry." I say shamefully.

"Who is this it better not be Reece!" He said. He doesn't like Reece. Parker said that he's going to end up breaking my heart. Oh, by the way Reece is my boyfriend/fiancé. "My name is Baxton." The boy says.

"I found him in pain and bleeding really badly so, I decided to help him out." I said proudly. Parker just walked away mumbling something but came back with pjs. "He can use these tonight. Goodnight ill see you in the morning or after school." Then walks up to his room.

I washed all his wounds and washed his face when I saw his crystal blue eyes, tan skin and pink lips. He had mesmerized but, I snapped out of it to show him the bathroom. When he was taking a shower I couldn't help but think of my old friend Baxton. I got snapped out of it by Baxton saying,"I don't need the shirt. By the way you never told me your name."

"Its Raven."  I said and with that we went to bed. I ended up waking at 5:50 cause of school.  When I went downstairs I heard Baxton say, "Good morning Haven." "I haven't been called that name since." I said but to get cut off by Baxton." My funeral."

"What are you talking about you not..." I start to say but Baxton cuts me off and shows me a picture. I was of me and my old friend Baxton, "How did you get that picture!" I said creeped out. "That me but let me explain." He started to say.

I was freaking out, "What the heck you cant be my friend Baxton he died from a fight and could never come back." I was sobbing by the end of it. Baxton just hugged me and explain of how he was a angel and he fell. "Im here now angel and I wont leave now." He said wiping away my tears.

"Now get to school or you will be late." With that I left and went to school changing the way I think.


Hey guys what did you think of this chapter? 

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