The Fallen Angel

Raven Rosefield is a senior in high School .She is raised by her older brother Parker Her parents and guardians died when she was little. Also her best friend baxton died in 6th grade. What happens when she walks home from a party one day to see something fall from the sky. __________________________________________________________________________________ I WROTE THIS STORY 2 YEARS AGO Thank you for the wonderful cover @Beautifully Unorthodox


1. About Raven Rosefield

Hi my name is Raven Rosefield. I am a senior in high school, I have black wavy hair. When I was 5 my mom and dad died from a car accident on the way to Hawaii with my brother Parker who was 8. I was also in the car, we were in the backseat when it happened. Of course me and Parker survived but, two year later after mom and dad died aunt Faith and our baby cousin died in a house fire. So I have no family left except for Parker, even my best friend Baxton died in 6th grade from a fight.

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