Five NIghts at Freddy's 2


2. The Toy Animatronics

As Jeremy strolled into the show stage, he called, "Nobody's here, you guys can come out." 

After a few moments Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy stepped off the show stage and began to amble around. With their rosy cheeks, smooth textures, and hard outer coating, they looked a bit like toys. As Jeremy watched  them walk about, he remembered hearing a few kids call Bonnie Toy Bonnie and he had a feeling that the name would catch on with the others. While he was lost in thought, he didn't see Freddy come up to him until he was right next to him. As Jeremy lifted his head he jumped back a bit and breathed heavily for a few moments before saying," You startled me there Freddy."

"Sorry about that."

"Its fine, was there something you needed to ask me?"

"Actually yes. I was going to ask you if you could talk to Foxy. She has been miserable ever since the kids began to take her apart. In the beginning, we thought that the staff would stop them, but now they use her as a take apart and put back together attraction. They have even began to call Mangle. "

"Sure, I could talk to her. I can see why she's so upset though. That would be enough to make anyone miserable."

"Thanks a lot Jeremy, hopefully she will listen to you."



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