Five NIghts at Freddy's 2


4. The Old

Mangles POV


I sigh as I watch Jeremy walk away. I can understand why he is upset, but he has no idea what it is like. What it's like to be torn apart every single day. I crawl out of Kids Cove and make my way to the main hall. I look around and see a slightly ajar door saying Parts and Services. I hear Chica calling my name, so I crawl my way into the door


I gasp when I see what the room contains. I first see a Bunny. It looks like Bonnie except it's furry, purple and is missing its face and one arm. There is also a chicken and a bear who are also ripped up. I look over and see a fox.

It looks like me, or what I used to be before I became "The Mangle." It has red fur and gold eyes, like my eyes. I can spot a hook and eyepatch from my place on the floor, which I take to mean he is a pirate. Then, I see his head lift up and stare at me.

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