Five NIghts at Freddy's 2


3. Mangle

As Jeremy arrived at Kids Cove, he could hear the sound of Foxy whimpering. As he walked in, he gasped out of surprise. He could now see why kids had began to call her Mangle. Her jaw was wide apart and she seemed to have a second endoskeleton head. One of her eyes was lying on the floor and she seemed to be lacking most of her costume, making her mangled endoskeleton visible. As Jeremy walked over to her she whispered, " Leave me alone Jeremy, I 'm tired."


"Foxy, everyone is worried about you. They want to chat with you and have some fun."


"Well I can't. I'm to mangled to do anything. Also, you can stop calling me Foxy. I've heard the children and the staff calling me that and it fits. You might as well call me that to."


"Foxy, I…" but Foxy had already turned away and blocked him out." Fine then, be that way." Jeremy muttered as he walked off, leaving Foxy to her sorrows.

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