MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


11. Chapter Two: On The Run ( Part 2)

Twilight Sparkle beg for the guard to stop " He hasn't done noting! He should have the freedom right to come if he wish to or not.." Guard shaken his head.

" I don't make the rules Princess, I just follow them " Guard walk toward Lee's 

"BACK OFF! My family isn't going no where with anyone...." Night narrow the guard eyes, the guard shaken his head

"Guess you let us, no choice...Guards! Get the...creatures and bring them to the castle for Princess Luna..." Other Guards nodded their heads, then began to walk slowly toward Lee's. Night was trying to found a way to escape them but their wasn't no luck, he had to do something to save his brothers....but how? Night eyes was trying to look around for anything till he found.....alley wall between empty building he turn to Jackson with a smile 

"Jackson, protect the boys...." He look at the guards, as their walk toward them

"Night...what are you doing?" Jackson keeping the twins away from any open space

"Am going to slow them down, I want you to protect our brothers & try to escape somewhere safe if you get caught less make sure the twins can found a area that is safe for we can go look for them after wards...." Night look with tiger eyes then meant twins.

"Remember protect each other...don't waste time fighting or playing around...I will found you....Jackson & I will found you both..." Night step close to alley way. Jackson look at the alley way running through it "what about you? " Jackson ask, as he watch guards closing in on Night. He smile 

"I will be fine, just go! " The brothers nodded as their began to escape the guards 

"Hurry up! The others are escaping! " One guard yell " Get out of my way "

" No, what are you going to do about it? " Night was ready to fight, he drawn his fist up as soon he seen pegasi coming toward him with chains going around him like he was some type of Christmas tree just being decorated. " Let go of me! LET GO! Jackson their can fly! Hide! Hide if you can hear me!" Guards come close to him, then put some tape on his mouth to make him shut the buck up. Night try to bite off the tape, no use he alone pray that his family gotten away.

{Meanwhile Jackson & Twins running }
"Come on! " Jackson who was now holding Ace hands while carry Aaron onto his back, "I-I think we lost them...." he was taken deep breaths as he look at his younger brothers.

"You think or you know? " Ask Ace
" I think-I don't- " Jackson words was stop by one of the guards, coming " Crap....bull-crap! " Jackson hit a wall, he turn to his brothers...who was scare to death "Aright, listen I need you to....I need you guys to try to found a safe protective area till me & Night are free...can you two do that? " Twins had tears in their eyes, Ace try to hold back 

"No we can't! We can't lose another brother...." Aaron yell, his face was now a river fill with noting but sorrow for losing Night & now the thought of Jackson being gone too. Ace put one hand on Aaron back trying to ease his brother down,

"Your not going to lose us..." Jackson smile

"How do we know that?! " Aaron yell

Jackson smile got more bigger " I promise on my soul to my heart if I forever lie let me have lighting mark on my face causing a mark " as he cross his heart. Ace & Aaron cross their hearts as well

"OK....we-we will try to found a safe area to hang out come for us..." Jackson smile, Ace pull Aaron away

" going to run out their and distract  them, as soon as I run out their...I want you as fast as you can, run....climb...hide even but get away from them. OK? " Both nodded their heads, Jackson taken a breath then counted "1....2...3!" Jackson run into the open
"Hey! You jerks! Am right here, try to catch me! " Jackson run down a path, letting the guards to follow him. Ace & Aaron was hiding beside a trash can.

"" Aaron look down with Ace pulling him 
"Aaron, we don't have to moan we can do that later...our brothers want us to escape...." Ace pull Aaron repeating "Come on" the twins began to run unknown area's trying to escape this madness. " Looks like this..ponies can't fly..." Ace remark
"So?" Aaron ask
"SO?! We can climb, I bet the pegasi or whatever their call catch Jackson & Night, just letting the normal ponies thing chasing us..." Aaron look at the guards. 
"This is going to be easy...right? " Aaron ask
Ace nodded " Just don't fall down nor look down as we jump from building to building..." Aaron look at him with a scare look.
"Jump from building-to said...right? " 

Ace nodded " Yeah,what could the worst thing happen to us? After all we could have: Broken bones, bleed to death or better yet...GET CATCH BY THOSE CRAZY GUARD ponie....Things! "

Ace sign " Fine..." He found a building with windows to support his climbing, as he climb half way he look down smiling " Coming or not? "
Aaron shaken his head " Please don't get me kill today....." As he try to climb the windows, toward the roof of the buildings. Ace made it onto the roof top, scooting out anyone coming this way. He look on his left founding Jackson being treated like a animal, Ace shaken his head as Aaron finally made it onto the top of the roof as well. Ace look on his right, founding Jackson fighting with the guards keeping them busy, " Come on...we need to found a safe....area for us..." he look down as Aaron seen his brothers trying to fight the guards.

Ace walk bit toward edge of the building " Ready to...jump, bro?" He turn, founding his brother in fear then sign " Here, I will show you it safe...."

"Safe? What are you-" Ace walk bit backwards then run, jumping onto another building, smiling that stupid grin of his " Told you it safe! " 

"Safe to your stand points....I have never ever done something so freaking stupid, nor act like a moron doing the most...dangerous things " Ace sign getting annoyed that the fact his brother is having second thoughts on this, even through his life most be at risk!

" can stay here & let their guards: Beat you, throw you into jail then die away in some random for god shaken place while I live..." Ace pretend to be cold heart, he knew it was the alone way to make his brother nervous stop. As much he hated it, the thought being so cold toward his family. Yeah he mess with his brother but never in a matter in this way just playfulness of a kid, Aaron eyes blink from shock that his brother just gave him a cold-hearten, true statement.

"You wouldn't leave me " He gave a nervous smile
"You want to try me? " Ace turn around, looking at his brother  " I am dead serious...Aaron if you want to make will jump beside that fact your scare of being hurt. I wont let noting happen to you, I promise if you jump you will get the use of it & if you seem like your falling I will catch you then bring you up. " Ace smile,

Aaron look nervous " I walk backwards then run, till I get close enough to the edge......then jump? " Asking that question made him feel like a twat.

"Pretty much, it not rocket science you know " Ace joke
"I know that smart mouth " Aaron look the building, taking a deep breath as he taken steps backwards then closing his eyes running like a mad man on speed. Jumping into the air, making it onto the other building- Ace had a slowly grin appareling on his face 

"Not bad little bro " Ace hug his brother in joy that he finally taken one of his fear & battle it with his moron stages of dealing with life issues
"Ace" he try to breath 
"Shut up, your fu-" Before Aaron could cuss at his brother their seen a guard spotted them.

"I found them! Over here! Guard yell, trying to reach the roof to catch him, Ace & Aaron run-jumping from building & building till Aaron slip from one building, hanging on he couldn't hold on much longer. One finger gone, two fingers gone, three then before he could have fall.
Ace slip down, then catch his brother, rising him up "Thanks, you save my life " Aaron try to breath once more, Ace smile as their jump " Don't mention it!"  As their jump, their found a hide out for short time to finger out where to run next.

"Their, we can hide for little bit" The hide out their was looking at was a rose garden, with perfect brushes to hide...if you was a small child or adult through.

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