MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


13. Chapter Three: Welcome Hands ( Part 1)

The six mares, guards, Princess, Shining Armor & even Spike was speechless as he finally walk out to see what going on, Jackson look at them.
" Now, can you please...get these chains off me...and maybe releasing my brother " Jackson smile, but their all seem weirdly about them
" Or it ok, I can understand...guess I should tell each of you our names. Am Jackson, this is Night my older brother...and the twins you seen was Ace & Aaron. Ace was the one with the weird blond mix black hair and the one who was very very scared was Aaron which look the same but acts more different then Ace." 

As Jackson was speaking, Night was trying to talk to him in a 'pee off' tone "oh, you have something to say Night? " Night  look like a psycho waiting to kill his next victims, Jackson smile knowing his brother couldn't do noting in those chains. So he pull off the tape from Night mouth 

"Sweeeeet-arrrg-what wrong with you!? " With Night face all lit up, Jackson smile 

" What Did I do? You needed to speak & I have to take that tape to hear you. " Night look down 

" You don't have to...pull it off before giving me a warning first!!!?????" The six mares look at one another, Princess come closer which Shining Armor was trying to pull her back giving a shaken head- to not get to close to them. But she look with a smile

"I will be fine, don't worry " Princess  Cadance spoken softy as the brothers kept fighting with one another
"But, what if it not less... " Shining Armor was cut off by his sister
"I can go with her, to speak to them...I think their just scare, their don't seem harmless but you can never be so sure through. " Shining Armor nodded at his sister & smile as he was grateful his sister was watching over his wife.

"Ready?" Princess Cadance ask Twilight, Twilight Sparkle nodded-a nervous thought come to her mind: What if these people are searching for; Fred Robert Lee & that human girl name; Rosa. As their walk along, their can still hear the brother fighting...

"What do you have to be so hateful, toward me ? " Jackson ask
"Hateful? Oh, brother you haven't SEEN HATEFUL, YET!" Night Yell
"I never done, noting toward you!" Jackson yell, trying to keep calm & nice as possibly but truthfully he want to punch his brother so hard to make his head crack.
"Noting?! You haven't done noting? " Night question
Jackson don't speak, he alone look toward his wrist chains
"Jackson look at me, when I am asking a question..." Night said, Jackson look up
"OK...maybe I did some stupid things..." Jackson try to own up to his mistakes

"Jackson: We are in a world with no place,food nor enough water to survive on, then without knowing possibility of surviving that orange magic hole thing-You jump into it. As result we scare unknown creatures which are: Now looks like; Normal ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns. " Jackson try to speak but couldn't afraid of the result " Then risk our life's especially the twins...the Twins?!" Night heart was beating hard in a state of shock. Jackson look at him, with the same shock dead man heart attack on his face "Jackson....where are the twins?" Jackson look down 

"Probably hiding somewhere...." He look up,
"I hope so, if anything happen to those kids I will never ever forgive you...I will make your life a living hell!" Princess Cadance stop, as will did Twilight Sparkle. Jackson look down again with pitiful eyes
"Their are..." As Jackson spoke he notice Night look up, founding the Ponies which he couldn't tell the species of them self due to both having wings & a magically horn.

"Hello" Twilight Sparkle said
"Hi...." Jackson reply back as well did Night
"Hello" Night voice was nervous like as he look at the both....whatever their was
" Am, sorry if we don't give you a proper welcome...we never had...." Princess Cadance trying to found what creatures their are, which Twilight Sparkle whisper
"Yes, humans in this world...I think you can understand of that..." Princess Cadance now looking at the brothers, which was looking at each other
"Wait...your saying we are the first humans to apparel in Equestria......." Night was shock by this....his parents....their been in this world...millions of in hell can their be the first humans in this world!?

"Wait..what....but....Night" Jackson confused  now looking at his brother " I thought you said: Our parents come into this world before.." Night still in the state of shock. "Night? Brother?" Trying to snap his brother out of his thoughts, Princess Cadance & Twilight Sparkle was both shock as well.

"Wait, you had someone else come into this world before as humans? But we never seen someone you before...." Twilight said now looking at Night with his heart beating faster, wondering was he was thinking. Night was thinking the times he seen his parents walk into the magic hole then walk out, he thought about what could have possibility happen...maybe their change a different form of a that couldn't be true their stay the same as humans noting like these...ponies. Trying to block out the flashbacks of his past with his loving parents, young brother & the twins as babies who never meant their parents.

Now remember what was more important then founding their parents who maybe was alive or die, the twins was missing....he needed to found them before anything happens to them. Princess Cadance, Twilight & Jackson was waiting for Night to reply... which Night did but not toward the question, he avoid it-alone forcing to found his younger brothers.

"It doesn't matter.......right now we need to found Ace & Aaron...." He look at the three, " I need to found my younger brothers.." with tears in his eyes imaging random things that could have happen toward hi younger kin. Jackson just sign, nodding

" me....found my brothers...their just kids...." Night told Cadance & Twilight
" I can't do anything, Princess Luna told me I can''t be in the middle of this " Twilight looks was depression, but Princess Cadance look at her with a smile.
"But I can, Princess Luna don't know I was back from my long trip from Cloudsdale..." Night eyes lit up like shooting stars from the midnight as well did Jackson.

" you will help us found our brother's!? " Cadance & Twilight nodded their head
" Thank you...thank you so much" Night cry in joy
"Aright, but we most need to split up...I notice their was few guards chasing after Ace & Aaron...I don't know if their split up or we most need to be in two groups with enough people to search for them. Their look like twins with the hair & face but wear different clothing. "
Their all nodded, as soon Princess Cadance order the guards to let Night & Jackson free- the other five mares including; Spike, Few of the guards & Shining armor come in front of them. 

"We can help to " Pinkie Pie yell out in annoying tone like away
"You shouldn't have to do this alone " Fluttershy said, Night eyes cry more with joy that these....ponies was willing to help him found his family.
"Thank you, each of you..." Jackson smile, as he look at Night
"Yeah...thank you" Night wipe his tears away,
"Aright" Said Twilight " We need to be in two groups....."

"Me, Spike, Rarity , Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash & Jackson will be with me....the second group will be: Night, Princess Cadance, Applejack & Fluttershy" As Twilight Sparkle listed the groups & it member's, their don't waste no time to look around, their went off to found the young kids before their get themselves kill in this new world.

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