MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


9. Chapter One: Legend ( Part 5)

The six mares eyes widen, as their watch male Alicorn body turn into some weird creature from same as female Pegasi both change forms as their step into the minor-ending which seem like a recording of magic spell to show live event from any age it seem like.

"What in the hay'was that? " Applejack ask in a very nervous tone

"It seem like a recording....." Twilight still in shock, trying to get her head together "How can a human or any from this world know about the minor.....maybe Princess Celestia & Princess Luna parents want to keep this unknown...but why did he let a Alicorn.....and mostly let a human into this doesn't make so sense....was he ban? He made this his own choice but why...most of all what was wrong with his dad..." Twilight thoughts was cut off when Rainbow Dash ask the question

"Twilight...what the buck was that? " Rainbow Dash waited for a answer but noting, then she went over to Twilight poke her 

"...What?! Oh sorry Rainbow Dash, what was your question? " Twilight trying to pull her self from her day dreaming of all types of theory's, why this is happening in her world. Rainbow Dash taken a small breath then spoken softy

"Twilight, what was that creature that come from the minor..." Rainbow Dash was waiting for a answer, which she been waiting for ever since Twilight last visit into the other world.
"It call a: Human, and their can be harmless or harmful depend how their are..." Twilight kept looking at the book, hoping another recording spell will summon it self, without the blue like it just did.
"So you think a ' H-U-M-A-N' is in Equestria or found a way into our world without going through the minor? " Applejack ask

"It is possibly....but it to soon to know...let's go to my library to see if their is anything to help us with...I think I have a book on summon doors or making them disappear. " Twilight said as she open, Rarity door as soon later the mares all said " Agree " then follow Twilight outside the door, following her toward the library.

{Mean While with The Humans }
Night face was still with shock that he agree to do this.....
"So brother, " as Jackson lend closer to him, Night was still taking deep breaths hard looking at Jackson " How does it feel to act like a fool or mostly " Now Jackson face turn bloody red as the devils when he yell his brother as hate what he said to him.  " TO ACT LIKE A COWARD! KNOW IT ALL, NO GOOD, SON OF A BI-" Night cover his brother mouth 

"Aaron, can you please get off my back...So I can deal with our 'TWAT! Of a brother off...and explain to him what we are going to do " Aaron nodded then slowly climb off Night back. Night now grab his brother hands and locking his legs up so he couldn't move, still covering his mouth up, as he spoken. " Now I want you to hear me out now, and I mean NOW! " As Jackson try to get his self free to punch his brother, but he soon stop for a movement to hear his brother words. Night sign, thanking to god he stop moving.....for now at less " Jackson....I know you want to know what happen to our parents...but acting like a..." trying not to cuss his brother out, he try to take a breath-close his eyes then try to speak again " Acting like a fool isn't going to get our parents back and...being moron, putting yourself at risk isn't going to do any of us any good. We are a family, we have each far as we know...we....W-we don't even know our parents are still alive, their could be die...I just don't want you to get your hopes up...nor...." Night look at the twins.

"Nor the twins....As much I love our mother & farther...I just don't want to give you or for any of you false hopes, founding something that possibly not even true...not any more..." Night look at his brother, who taken the hand away from his mouth.

"How do you know if our parents are alive or dead out of here or anywhere for that matter?" Jackson had a calm sharp voice, now face-to-face with Night. 

" I don't.....but I know the last place their was at was....will...." He look around this unknown area " Their went through that magical orange glowing thing....and never come back....I waited...seconds...then...minutes....then finally hours & days for them..." Jackson look shock, not remembering his parents went through something like this, but after all he never did had a good memories of anything. Night look at his brother " When....Ace & Aaron was alone about two year old....their was count for as good as long their been gone.......That why I never ever wanted to go through that thing..." Jackson eyes now fill with tears. His parents....went through this things....more times then his self living...but could their disappear so fast, leaving them be hide like that....maybe someone kidnap them....maybe.

"But it doesn't matter, if their gone, I have to protect you guys no matter what & now we are trap in this world...thanks to Jackson " which expression change to depression which was now anger through his blood veins.  " We need to try to found shelter...or someone to help us..."

Jackson stand still, feeling like a knife cut his heart into millions of pieces of broken glass fill with blood..." Aright...guess we can..." Aaron pull Jackson shirt, trying to hand him his backpack which alone had junk. "Thank you, Aaron..." He mess his brother hair up, trying to give a weak smile. Night alone look with his fist showing tight, he look at his brothers backpacks.

"Aright, before we found somewhere to crash ...we need to know what we have on us, just in case we need something "
Ace rise a eyebrow " Good luck, we probably have junk on us...."
" We alone know that till, we check now hand me all of your bags..." All look worried "Now!" All of the brothers thrown their bags onto the ground.
"OK let me check my bag first..." He unzip his backpack, going throw random junk " Tools, writing uses-Pencil, notebooks....two hoodie's,bottle of water...empty bottle of water...and some more random tools. This most come in USE....maybe..OK, Jackson bag is next " He slowly unzip Jackson backpack praying to god he doesn't found a weird skull or anything that had to do with fantasy. Bottle of water, books-He look closer at the books title's..."Great he thought" the books was the myth & legends about this place. Photo of their family, when their was much younger with Twins being alone babies at a time.He look deeper into the backpack founding; Hoodie-with a dark black tone to it, some art stuff, drum sticks & his cell phone. Night check the phone, Shockley had some bar single in it. Next was Aaron, which was weird his bag had a form that look like a violin was in it. Night unzip the bar, founding..of all things a violin and it bow....

Ace cough " Classical nerd freak...."another cough come again " Weirdo" Aaron, gave him a push
"I hate to know or even wonder what in your bag " Aaron smarted off
"I KNOW IT JUT A FREAKING MYSTERY BASE ON ME! " He laugh a evil grain, which made Aaron sick looking at, rolling his eyes 
As Night went through the book he also come across; Notebook-fill with music stuff, another blank notebook, pen, some CD's of classical music, Cell Phone (With some bar single on it too) and a tuxedo...which made Night rise a eye brow then turn to his brother with a confused face.

"Aaron...why do you have.....a tuxedo in your bag...? " Jackson & Ace look at each other, busting out laughing so hard-that their though the heavens would break. " I was going to ask you to take me to music class around the counter we live at...and I want to look good..." Night just shaken his head. Then grab Ace backpack, which was now smiling big as Night unzip his backpack: A MP 3 Player, CD'S of: House, Techno, Pop, Dub-step, new modern music. A cell phone with bars on it, dark blue hoodie, ocean wave glasses &....some Vinyl Records....? Night look at his brother with the same expression " My family has a problem with music....." he shaken his head. "Aright, guess we have few stuff to survive on till we found someone or something to help us. " Night try to found a location around where he could see one, till he spotted a small town which was: Ponyville. Jackson spotted the unknown town

"Guess we are going their, hun? " Jackson ask as he put on his hoodie & backpack, as the other did 
"Yep...unless you found a better town or city around us...or spotted one.." Night punch his brother 
Jackson slowly smile at Night, then look down " Brother? " He ask, Night look at him.
"Am sorry about before...I shouldn't act source of a moron...guess your probably hate my guts still, hun?"
Night shaken his head " It water over the bridge, we stay together & protect one another...even through, one of us can be a moron at times " Night joke around, Jackson smile.
"Do we have to walk that far? " Ask Ace who was next to Night, as Aaron was next to Jackson 
"Yeah..." The twins sign 
"Let me guess, you want us to carry you around, right?" The twins smile a wick tone
Night & Jackson both sign then said "Fine" Ace climb on Night, as Aaron climb Jackson back.
Their made sure their had everything, and everyone was ready then began their walk along the dirty road to Ponyville.

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