MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


8. Chapter One: Legend ( Part 4)

Jackson pause for a movement, then he remember that he left Night & the twins in other world " Crap" he thought, he walk toward the magic hole, waited a movement to hear if Night was calling for him or the twins. At first, all he was hearing was the sounds of nature " Will maybe...he given up, like I-" Jackson hopes of his brother's not coming through the hole was gone at soon he heard, Night calling out

" Jackson! WE ARE COMING! SO DON'T MOVE!" Jackson don't know whatever to smile or just die on the new grounds he was standing on, while Ace was running toward Night with his backpack on, holding his brothers bags. As he ran, he he toss Night bag as will as Aaron while soon later wearing Jackson backpack on that cause him to lose balance of his running skills.

"Aright, we are coming in!" Yell Night, as he turn to  Ace & Aaron who was either worried nor depress base on what their witness their brother's actions. " of you, hear me out very clearly..." Night try to get his words out but couldn't as soon Ace run bit far back, then began to run into the magic. All Night could hear was " Freeeeeedoooom! " Night face turn to a more pale white, making him so pale that you would thought he was a vampire or the unliving dead. As he was still in the state of shock, Aaron pull his hand trying to ease his brother nervous. Night snap out of his state, then soon turn to Aaron who softy said

 " It noting to worry about, I bet Ace & Jackson are fine......and we are going to be aright too. " Night smile a weak tone, then turn around then look at Aaron.

"Get on my back, just in case anything happens during our jump " Night hated the thought but knew he had to do something or other wise something else will happen for them. Aaron sign, then climb onto Night back, he look at his brother with repose of " Are you ready...?" Aaron nodded then Night sign. " What am I doing? " He thought, " I have 'NO' idea of this world...alone mom & dad warning of this place....." Then he remember that it was his responsibility to watch over his family. " I have a family to look out for, I can't think twice" before he knew it, he jump into the new world that he ever seen.
   { Mean while in Rarity Home}
" What is is Spike?" As Twilight step more closer to her friend

"I-I...." Trying to catch his breathe, shown a book that had a brown cover & the pages look 50 years old " I know....why....we are having this weird sound that is going on. " Spike open the book, that shown a picture that apparel to be.....statue in human world!

"Let me see the book " Twilight grab the book, reading each word very carefully till she found " Species or creatures with magically ability's can summon open worlds to open with or without using their magic......" Twilight froze for a movement.

" So we are dealing with something or some specie that works with magic? " Question Applejack

"It seem true, but I don't know anyone in that world with magically talents " Stated Twilight 

" Maybe it Sunset Shimmers or those Dazzelings you told us about " said Fluttershy, 

"No, we made sure Sunset Shimmers was on our side & never turn on us nor come into this world. As for the Dazzelings it is possibly but I contract Sunset Shimmers to see if their was up to anything, and she said no...and it seem like their never was their like their left. " Twilight look at the book as Rainbow Dash spoke with tone of anger.

"Maybe it Discord....up to his old tricks! " As she spread her wings open wide,

"No Discord, isn't the cause of this either....." She flip the book, page-after-page founding piece of paper reading:
                                       Our life's most be hard, we are equal no matter what

                                       Bless those who come & go, honor them in name of;
                                        Honest, Strength, Love, Pain & kind heart. 

" This book, you found....Spike....where did you get it at? " Twilight ask, as she flip the pages
Spike look down " In the Everfree Forest"
Twilight look puzzle "You went into....Everfree Forest....?"
"Yeah, Zecora had for me....but anyway, as she was making this special potion for me for someone " Twilight roll her eyes, as well did: Rainbow Dash & Applejack. 
"Then what? " Ask Rarity
" she was working on the potion, a loud sound happen. We both don't know what it is, we went outside searching for the causes of the noise but noting was to be seen, but Zecora had an idea that cause this sound to happen. When she went inside, I follow along.." Spike look down even more worried.
" And....? " Question Twilight 
"Will it like she went nuts both: Good & Evil type of way...."

The mares look weirdly at one another " What do you mean, by that? " Rainbow Dash ask
" What I mean is: She was joyful to have this sounds happen she said it was a new creature or some Species appearling into our world then she went nuts like something scare the living hay out of her. Then, she went to her spell books & grab this old nasty brown book, told me to run to you & see if you can do anything to fix this. " Spike look at the book, then notice the piece of paper Twilight Sparkle was glazing at.

"What did you found? " Applejack ask, now noticing the piece of paper as well that cause all of the mares to look toward very old piece of paper, that look like it belong to a much higher rank spell master book.  

"It seem like a note, but it details what he or she believe in during some event she was facing..." Pinkie Pie, come around spike then pointed at a odd looking orange magic spell label as: ROM. Twilight taken this notice, reading the magic words that  seem like in a foreign language reading:
                                                                       Δεν παραιτούμαστε ποτέ από αυτό που πιστεύετε {Never Give Up On What You Believe in} 
Twilight try to read the magic words, as she did so-Orange waves of magic come out of the piece of paper.
Showing a black Alicorn male. who had deep dark, ruby eyes with cutie mark of: Flame Guitar with Electrical green waves around it, the mares step back as did Spike who was hiding in some books-pretty far away from the orange magic.

Twilight notice male Alicorn eyes has sorrow in them, as their watch their notice the Alicorn walking back & speaking to them as if he was really their with them.

" whom is watching this or possibility reading this message, my name is : Fred Roberts lee's....I am a male Alicorn, who is disown by his people who are trying to search for a new home. My friends & I found a world that.....will I can't even explain.....but I know it more safer then it is here. The prince & I have talk about me and few others leaving Equestria, better yet this world. Their wish me luck.....Prince who soon will be king name: Aurum is helping me...even through his wife; Queen Surrexit Rubinus thinks I am going to get my self kill during this travel. Who could blame her....I don't even know if I am going to make it but hopefully I will. " The mares was looking at the Alicorn with depression eyes but then widen when their saw a weird creature coming from the minor Twilight Sparkle had travel through toward other world. 

"Fred" a female whisper come from the minor, " You better hurry up, their are some people here I can't tell if their are cops or just creepers but you better hurry up recording your message & get over here! " Female whisper had scare tone, made Alicorn known as: Fred jump bit from unknown voice. 

As he taken a small breath he call back "  I am I am, j-just give me a minute!" He yell, female voice, pop her head into the minor. As she pop her head in, her skin tone was green- with eyes of golden silver. Twilight couldn't tell what her cutie mark would be in her world till the female human come into her world, showing her self fully as a mare. 

" Fine, but please hurry before the magic wares off..." mare eyes look down. 

" Mom, Dad, Cousins, Brothers & Sisters....I love you, am sorry I am leaving but I can't not stay in a place.....being told what to do with my life....I don't want to be like Dad, Dear Surrexit I don' I am leaving , I will come back one day but for now. I will not return till...I found my place in new life. " Twilight Sparkle had one tear in her eye looking at Fred, then look at mare who try to pull Fred toward the minor. Who she finally saw her cutie mark which was; Musical heart note with colors of the rainbow with gold tone of wings in back which explain after all Twilight could now tell what she was which was: Pegasi.

"Good-bye everyone.....I will miss you" Fred look down, now meeting unknown female eyes " Aright...Let's get out of here Rosa....I don't want to stay any more." The mare nodded, then hold each other hooves as their jump through the minor with the magically orange waves of the minor disappearing.

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