MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


7. Chapter One: Legend ( Part 3)

" Let's see" Jackson, look at the paper which he also had a picture of the place " I can't believe, I am doing this." 

" Jackson! " Yell the twins " We miss you! "  Jackson fall onto the celemet with Ace & Aaron onto him, hugging him 

" I miss you guys too. " He smile, as Night come the smile disappear & worry come

 " We was wondering if anyone here, and if I could meet your teachers & stuff. " Night look down, while Ace & Aaron was getting off of Jackson. Night lend a hand, to help his brother up Jackson taken his hand, smile then rise up. 

" I haven't check, the doors yet... " As he spoken off, Night walk over the to Canterlot High doors, try open one door at less. He Try to; pull then push the door, he sigh then look over by his shoulder toward Jackson " It shut good, guess everyone is on summer Break. ....great"   He walk down from the celemet short stairs, looking at the statue.... " Will it good, to see not everything change here. " Jackson pause, trying to understand what he meant then he turn around, as well the twins did. Which all was now, looking at the statue

 " What so important, about that horse statue? It noting but a animal that is statue... " Ace said, while Aaron softy punch him on his left arm.

 " Hey! This status is symbol for; Honest, hard work, truthfully words, passion, strength, etc. The things that make someone or something true" Aaron smile,  as he look at Night who was smiling at him

 " That is very true, Aaron " He pick up him then carry on him back " Hey! what about me! Don't I get a free ticket to have someone carry me around? " Ace moan 

" I haven't forgotten about you!" Jackson smile,as he pick up & carry Ace onto his back. Night walk over to the statue " Place one hand on the status then whisper: " I will never forget you, or those spoken words you gave me. On my first day of this place... " Long pause come from Night.

 Ace, Aaron & even Jackson was speechless, then weirdly a sound of magic type was coming from the statue, Night open his eyes wide- holding Aaron on his back tight. While Jackson was holding Ace tight as well, then slightly lower Ace onto the ground. 

"!" slow smile come from Jackson as he watch the weird glow into the statue. " I don't....I don't...............Know.......whatever it" A more confused Night said, not sure if this was real or a really really good movie prop-tech stuff, he alone seen with movie maker's.

" I don't like it, maybe it evil that book of Jackson" A now shy Aaron hide within Night back, Night glaze at Jackson

 " what book?" Night question, facing Jackson 

" Will, I founded it in the know....those myths & legends books...." Night look down shaking his head. As he shaken his head, Jackson  continue on " The books was our parents Night.....which is weird cause this thing looks like the object I see in the... " Jackson try to explain or at less try to ease the tension.  

Night look up " What?! " Jackson look down, while Ace walk bit closer to the statue without being seen, poking the hole to see if any effect had on him or the magical new founding of  whatever this is. " YOU WENT THROUGH THOSE BOOKS!?" Night yelled, Jackson had anger in his blood  

" Yeah, what the big deal!? Like you said, this stuff isn't real, it alone fiction our parents told us as kids..."  Night look down, then look at Jackson 

" I never said it ' Wasn't Real', and don't you ever-EVER! Again, mention our parents, nor their weird freaking studies of magic, myth's or tales of legends!" Night was breathing hard, his hate made his face turn a bloody red, he don't care whatever he hurt his brother emotions. Jackson didn't know what to say to his older brother. All he said in a more depression tone was " How could you? "As Night & Jackson look at each other. Not knowing, that the fact their little brother was playing with magic within the unknown hole, Jackson couldn't take it no more he taken his eyes off Night. As he did so,he try to look somewhere before he pushes Night into that unknown thing as he finally found something to meet eyes with beside those evil hated-deep dark blue ocean tone eyes. Jackson found his little brother, playing with unknown hole soon later his eyes widen. Which Night catch on, trying to found what made Jackson change beside being so freaking stubborn seconds ago...he soon later found out what made his brother reaction different toward him, which catch Ace playing with magic hole....Night heart was pounding hard then ever before.

  "Ace, get away from that thing...." he try to say very calm alike despise the fact he frighten with his middle brother, which don't matter right now, alone getting Ace from that weird thing. " I can't yell" he thought to himself " It will alone make matters worst, with us...just calm down Night, let see what he does.....hopefully not jumping into that awful thing of magic."

" I think... " he lend closer to it. " Voices?!  Yeah it voices, be hide their! " Ace smile, running to Jackson and Night.  Night sign, having faith that his brother don't leave him.  Jackson change his mood & face to a more, warrior alike actions &   gave his: Game-Face on, then walk towards the magic, he look through it as he spoke " You know something don't you? That why, your action so hateful toward me.. " He turn to see Night who was in shock, to see his brother act  like this  but he couldn't have blame him to be. 

" Yes, I know something but it doesn't mat-" 

Jackson yell in " It does matter!" Jackson look in it then at his three brothers who all was watching him as he was prey " I am going in, come if you like I will be trap within this world 30 days. ....and I am going to try to found out what your hiding from me...whatever you like it or not" 

Night look in shock-hoping he's brother wont be so much of a idiot going in not knowing what in their or will happen to him as he travels to this unknown world, soon later he  watch his brother jump through this magic. Night run after him, then remember that he doesn't how bad this world could be. " Ace go get my back pack, and your's plus & little Aaron....and " He hope it wasn't to late, he said calmly " Also get Jackson! And Hurry! " Ace nodded then run toward, the street walk to go to the car, to fetch what Night needed " Please be alive.....please made it......" Night remember what his parents told him, which Jackson was alone five 

{Flash-back Movement, come to Night}
"B-But farther! " Whine a teenager version of Night
"I said no! My son isn't going through, that magic is  to dangerous for someone like you. The alone reason me & your mother go into that thing, is to help someone. Maybe one day you will understand why I don't want you to go into that thing, but I know when that time comes you will go into the unknown world. And you will be ready to face the truth, why me & your mother go.....or the fact we have so many books base on this place. "
" But I want to know why.....why am I so different....why these things happen to me...."
{The Version of himself stop as he remember his self crying in the arms of his farther next to the statue} 

Night bit his lip, meanwhile Jackson was looking around the new world he just found " Wow......this is more beautiful then anything I have ever seen in my whole life...." Jackson day-dream come to a end, to hear a voice " Looks like am not alone, as I hope for...." He look around to see if anyone or something was making a sound.

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