MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


6. Chapter One: Legend ( Part 2)

Back at ponyville, as Twilight Sparkles was still talking to Rainbow Dash...trying not to explain what happen over her visit into the human world. Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy was celebrating a party for Rarity new dress designs. As Applejack was helping her family -bucking apples like usually, 

" Hey girls! " said Applejack " What'ma I help' you with?" She ask with a caring smile, Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy both was smiling. 

" We need some cider! " Yell Pinkie Pie as she jump into the air like a crazy pony on chocolate.

 Fluttershy spoke softy " Yeah, Rarity party is going to be tonight. " Applejack was sweating with the work of bucking a tall giant like apple-tree 

" I will be'happy enough to make' ya some of my cider." Applejack was smiling as she sweat from working. 

" Yay! " Yell again Pinkie Pie, she jump over to Applejack-give her a hug then jump up some more. " Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! soooooooooooo much! Applejack! " 
 " No problem, Pinkie I would be happy' enough to help with the party' so long I am coming" She spoken with a bit of county voice that was mix with a normal voice. Fluttershy smile, as was Pinkie Pie, 

Pinkie Pie finally spoken with a normal voice " Of course your coming silly. "

Applejack smile & joke " Good, I thought I needed to buck this apples hard enough to fall onto your head if I wasn't " Applejack as will: Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy laugh. Something just slightly happen through, a loud sound happen. 

" What was that " Fluttershy ask, nervously 

" I don't know, but it don't sound to good. Hopefully it just Rainbow Dash, doing her tricks again in the shy. " Applejack reply

Fluttershy cut in " Like a....sonic rainbow boom, again? " 

Applejack smiled nervously as will " Yeah, that could be it. " 

Pinkie pie look confused thought " But I seen Dashie with Twilight today, talking about the other world she was in, you know the human world."

 Applejack try to joke with this one " Maybe it Cutie marks crusaders, wondering. " Their all try to laugh at that, all you could hear was laughing. 
Pinkie Pie smiling " Maybe "

 As the girls was talking, Rarity was nervously of course making new fashion designs but suddenly it change when Twilight & Rainbow come knocking onto her door. 

" Oh, hello-I have- " Rarity stop while she seen the smiling faces in front of her. 

" Hey Rarity! " Said Rainbow Dash,

 " Oh-Oh! Hey; Rainbow Dash &....Princess Twilight Sparkle. " 

Rainbow Dash laugh at that, Twilight smile then spoken " Rarity, I am still your friend just call me: Twilight like usually. " 

Rarity just smiled " Yes dear, whatever you say; Princess Twilight. " Rarity then walk over to some clothes of her, fixing some angels on them, " So what brings you two to me today, need a new dress " she smile. 

" NO, me & Twilight was wondering if you heard that loud noise from outside."
 Twilight join in " Yeah, we don't know what it was..."

Rarity " Will I hope it not the ' Cutie Marks Crusaders' not.....burning......or...doing something trouble to the community." She sign " Like before... "

Their laugh, as again the sounds come back with a more evil tone to it. "I have a bad feeling that, something usually is going to happen to us. "
Twilight said with a nervous voice but trying to act brave pass from it,

 " When isn't something 'USUALLY' in ponyville or anywhere else for that matter. " Rainbow Dash mention, Rarity just nod, as their look outside the window. 

Few more knocks come from the door, which spoken the three within the house. Rarity walk over to the door, call out " Who is it?"
" It a Prince, two horses your royalty " joke Applejack, 

" hey why do 'WE' have to be horses?!" Cry Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy just stay quiet. 

Rarity open the door, " Now, Now Applejack I was just- "
 " I know what your'going to say"

Twilight Sparkle, look at her " So you have hear this weird sound then, right?"
Their all nodded,

" We most want to go to library or castle to found something to look into this...." she pause " Or at less tune down the volume before any filly or colt get scared or 'Anyone' for that matter."
"Agree " Said Applejack
 " Yeah, let mute that thing or creature " said Rainbow Dash

"Yes" Fluttershy said
 " Indeed darling's " Rarity 

" Yeah! Let stop that meany or meany sound! " Pinkie pie

A loud sound coming from the door, sounding like someone has hit their head " Now....Who Can That Be! " Rarity open the door, founding Spike hit his head onto the door. 

" Spike! What wrong" As spike pull his self off from the door, he try to run over to twilight 
" Twilight! " Spike trying to get his breath, sounding like he did 100 miles of running! None-stop, " Y-You, need-" another pause from his breathing " To .....see this....... "

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