MLP Book One: New World

After all the adventures Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone through, a greater event will happen to PonyVille. As Twilight went through the human world & defeated Sunset Shimmers and the "Dazzlings" for the Equestria girl's. She went back to her study's as princess & hero of Ponyville for all of Equestrila. She focus a new challenge, source as other ponies. As you may recall, Princess Celestia said that the human world transporter opens within 30 days then both worlds are open within their own worlds. Will one sad morning happen, family know as: Robert Lee. Was having a bad time, till one day Jackson (Brother) found this new world of Twilight home along the status. What will this boy do? His family but most of all what will the ponies do when their found out a human is in their world?


15. Chapter Four: Broken Chains

As the two groups was searching for Aaron & Ace, a another creature would apparel in this new world as will. A solid, silver-copped mix with golden bar chains around a statue. The statue look like it was 134, 000 billions of year's old, not a scratch on sight till a weird object apparels a phoenix. This phoenix had black firing tone with light color of white/ red for it eyes, the phoenix fly's around the statue as the phoenix is surrounding the statue a glowing light of: Bloody golden red flashes. The statue slowly brakes, piece by piece with bit's of dark magic showing as the statue brakes into pieces. Till the statue is finally broken with a creature unknown to any creature living. 

It was a male, had dark black skin-Red bloody eyes like a vampire, with solid black dot in the middle. It had wings like a demon, tail like a dragon mix with the devil. Body was perfect like Are's mix with dirty old worker had, he had cutie mark even through he wasn't a pony he still had one. The cutie mark however wasn't on his but, it was on his hand. He moves his leg's trying to keep a balance.

" OBITUS? Is that you.....? " Said the unknown creature, the Phoenix come down flying to the creature
the Phoenix was unsure to come to him. Till the creature grin like the devil would as he mad a deal
" Hold on, I will change to hide this form. " The creature changes toward a form of a human, which this time had black hair as solid unlike Night Robert Lee would have. Eyes till complete bloody red with a black dot in the middle, skin; Tanish dark color, with clothes of a dark red suite. The suite was complete red, not a bloody red like his eyes but it was red enough to be like hell was opening. He had a dark grey tie around his neck. Pants Red, shoes dark solid black. His cutie mark was shown complete better; It was a sword-going through a dark heart figure with bloody thorns around it-dipping blood. 

" Better? " As the figure smiles still with now black Phoenix on him, loving on the creature " I miss you too buddy....I think it time for our to get back at those Alicorns and other nasty creatures. " He look at the Phoenix who nodded back " Good, now let go rise some hell...hopefully our old friend: Fred Robert Lee will be their....we can play with him... " As the creature smile big with firing hell in his eyes, he open his wings which soon apparel. His wings turn toward a ruby ghostly tone, with his tail slowly showing it self being like a devil tail with knife tip at the end. As he open his wings, with the Phoenix next to him as their flew. The statue heading finally shown it self reading: Ξεχάσατε Ψυχή.

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